Sunday, November 1, 2009

Australia - About the Food

With baby Tay in the pram, Jill and I walked for exercise to a coffee shop at least a half dozen blocks from home. It was another beautiful day, so we could enjoy eating outdoors. The shop's specialty is meat pies. Mine was steak and mushroom topped with a tomato sauce Americans call ketchup.
I had mine with an iced coffee. The dessert pastry options were to die for.
Jill and I split this custard-filled brioche which was just heavenly.
I've made the brilliant suggestion that we make this walk a daily exercise, thereby also challenging ourselves to taste our way through the whole pastry case. A worthy goal, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Unfair! Unfair! (she shouted, from across Sydney) How can you and Jill eat all that wicked lusciousness and remain so petite??? I'm a foundation member of "Danish Pastry Eaters Anonymous" and have been 'clean' for 5 years now :-))

  2. Oh yumm I just love steak and mushie pies. do you think you could smuggle a few bag in your bag? oh and lovely fruit flans, probably not fair reading at 9 am.

  3. Thats how I like cakes and pasteries too - as photos! Glad I live way across town far far away from that shop :)



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