Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday Flaunt - Adventure, Fun, and a Bitty Flaunt

Thursday was wonderful!

Thanks to having a fast friend in Di Jobbins, I've been invited to join her at some of her quilting activities. Thursday it was the monthly meeting of the ABC group - "A Bridge Crosser," meaning that every member has to cross a bridge somewhere to get to meetings which rotate through homes of the group's members.

For me, it meant another outing via ferry, and on such a gorgeous day as this, who would mind?

Leaving Abbotsford Wharf, this is a picture toward Abbotsford Cove, the complex where our daughter and family live.
The forty minute ferry ride offers beautiful views of Sydney, ferrying under the Harbour Bridge, with all points in sight of the Opera House.After switching ferries in Circular Quay (Americans, it's pronounced "key"), I continued along the Paramatta River, past the Opera House......taking in the views along the waterfront. Wouldn't you like to live in that house?I disembarked at Double Bay where Di picked me up. A few blocks away is Wendi's house, this charming brick home built in 1920. I've always wanted to go inside a home like this. I've seen so many of them on my walks.
Simply going to the front door was a treat. I love these sidewalks.
Surely a quilter lives here!
Many of these older homes have customized stained glass like these on Wendi's front windows. Inside, socializing commenced in earnest! It looks just like a gathering at my house, with everyone congregated in the kitchen to pick up a coffee, tea, and a slice.
Everyone was thoughtful to bring along not only current WIPs (works in progress), but a few finished quilts, so I could see and admire them.
Here's Wendi with a finished quilt that she domestic machine-quilted herself.
Lynn's little hexies (about 1-1/2") that she's English paper-piecing as part of a larger quilt.

Anne showed us the Wagga-Wagga she's making. A Colorado friend of Anne's is also making one.
Another of Lynn's WIPs.
Robbie brought along a quilt to donate to St. Mark's Stitchin' Mission. It has a cute focus fabric with designs of Hawaiian print shorts and shirts on a black background.
Rae brought along her finished Sarah Evans quilt. She hand-appliqued, hand-pieced, and hand-quilted it! Wow.
Several quilters in the ABCs are making Kerry Dear's "Candied Hexagons" quilt. They're all using the English paper-piecing technique.
Wendi and her Candied Hexagons.Di and her Candied Hexagons.Di's blocks are charming. Here are a couple of my favorites.Time for lunch. We all sat down at the table for Wendi's delicious chicken, a fresh salad, and this healthy dessert. Stone fruits are coming into season here, so everything was especially sweet and yummy. Topped with yoghurt... delicious.This is the group: (back, L-R) Jill, Di, Robbie and our hostess, Wendi.
(Seated, L-R): Gay, Anne, Lynn, Rae, and me.I cannot thank enough Di and Wendi for including me. It was a day I will not soon forget.

As a post-script... my Friday Flaunt is bitty progress on my own Candied Hexagons which I am hand-piecing, but not with English papers.
This week I've pieced about six more star hexagons. I'm definitely having too much fun meeting quilters, instead of doing the quilting!


  1. What a lovely time you have been having! I love all the Wip's and Show-n-tell. I think I should forgo the Quilt-a-long in favour of those fabulous Candied Hexagons?

  2. What an adventure, and that sidewalk? To die for! I still need to cut out my Candied Hexagons!

  3. Glad I checked out your flaunt... thanks for photographing all of those quilts

  4. Hi glad you are having such a wonderful time...Aren't the Australians super people! All the Candied Hexagons looked so great...including yours! How exciting!



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