Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nana-Initiated by Bub

The past two days have been quiet. Just hand-piecing and recovering from the weekend of non-stop quilting fun! The weather is absolutely gorgeous. It was a perfect day for a cuppa at a sidewalk bakery in Five Dock. Wouldn't you have liked to join me?And our little Tay is as cute as ever. Today was his six week check-up and he's gone from the 30th percentile at birth, to the 75th percentile. Here he's still smiling in spite of getting two immunizations, one in each thigh... poor baby.Yes, you may feel sorry for him, but just for a moment. Yesterday he gave me the full-on Nana initiation. Yep, that's spit-up. What's a Nana to do but grin... and then go change clothes. I'm glad I'm good for a few laughs.


  1. What a darling and he looks like his Mom. He was due to get you, Nana.

  2. Well, at least you didn't get it in the eye like my son did to his nana.

  3. Tay is just beautiful, Linda! You might have to become a permanent Aussie, so you can stick around and lap up more of those gorgeous "for you"cuddles! :)



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