Thursday, November 5, 2009

Australia - Patchwork Shops

Jill, Tay and I had the car today so we visited two patchwork shops. This one, Patchwork Products, is in the garage of the owner's home in Rydalmere.
Australia's fabric prices are more dear than in the US, but if you can catch a sale, as we did, you can find some good deals. Here's Jill buying fabrics for her Kidillow business. And no, she isn't pregnant as she appears in this photo. She has Tay slung across her chest in a black "Bubzilla," the same color as the tank top she's wearing.
This was my favorite stop on Wednesday. The woman who waited on us thought Jill and I were sisters!
I'm not sure why November is a sale month, but we sure lucked out here and at the Craft Depot in Pennant Hills.

You never know when inspiration for a quilt will hit you. For me, it was two mornings ago. While I was walking through the neighborhood, I was taken aback by the gorgeous colors of an intertwined tree and bush. (Click the photo to enlarge.) I recognize the purple as jacaranda. And though the deep rose-colored one is a mystery, together, they're simply stunning!
I loved the colors so much that I decided on the spot they would be the colors for my next quilt. So, at the Craft Depot, when I came across this piece I had to purchase the 2.1 metres remaining on the bolt. It's called "So Sweet Pea" by Freedom Fabrics of London, England. Aren't the colors just about perfect?
This fabric will become the featured fabric and inspiration for the additional prints I'll use to make a Joseph's Coat quilt. I've joined Kellie's Don'tLookNow quilt-along. Her quilt-along began November 1, and I have a few supplies to get! It isn't too late for you to participate too.


  1. The magenta 'flower' climbing through the jacaranda is the same as the one you showed the other day ( and is bougainvillea. In fact, the colour you see is the leaves, and inside the trio of leaves are the flowers; usually 3, small (1/4in) and cream-coloured.

  2. First of all, Linda you two DO look like sisters! So glad you made the trek to these two patchwork shops where bargains are always plentiful. The cerise flowers belong to a bougainvillea climber, and it certainly is a gorgeous colour scheme. I might even be tempted to have a go at Kellie's quilt myself one day soon, but I simply must achieve some finishes first LOL.

  3. You were brave to venture out to Patchwork Products :-) great place for a bargain though.
    We probably have our Patchwork Sales at this time of year because it's coming into our Summer and quilting over Summer in Australia is a tad too warm? Plus with the cold months over we aren't thinking Quilts?

  4. Lots of fabric to look at.
    That is amazing that you found that fabric that look like your photo. both are beautiful!

  5. Linda, I signed up for Kellie's quilt along, but think I may have to drop it. I have the roll of Floriani stabilizer she suggests, and will gladly sell it to you at a deal if you still need it!


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