Saturday, November 7, 2009

Australia Views

I'm still having a good time scoping out differences and similarities between Oz and the US, most in the written word. Being a writer, I guess I tend to do that.

I can state, fairly assuredly, that Aussies like to shorten their words. For example, a mosquito is a mossie; sunglasses are sunnies; and a breakfast is...
...brekkie! But don't you feel better knowing that Krispy Kreme is spoken in every language?!!
I got a kick out of knowing there's a boot camp just for new moms and their babies.
When I saw this church in Five Dock, I was taken aback.
An awesome God for sure, but not the church.
This is worth a few giggles. No trip to Sydney is complete without one more photo of the Harbour Bridge. Until you've ridden a ferry under it, you can't fully grasp how large it is: three-fourths mile from end to end with eight lanes for traffic - pedestrians, bicycles, cars, trains. And did you know you can pay perfectly good money to wear a jumpsuit and tether to climb across the arch to the top? I'd rather spend my money on fabric and admire the view from the ferry.
More pictures to come.


  1. Linda, I love your stories from Oz. I would love to join you there to see all these wonderful places.

  2. Linda, I have to say I did spend money and climbed the bridge a few years ago and it was absolutely amazing. We climbed at dusk and were at the top for sunset which was spectacular and then coming down all the lights of the city were on. Spectacular if not crazy!!

  3. Glad you are enjoying your stay, Linda. Wish I could have made it to Sydney for the SCQ meeting last Saturday.
    It took me a while to work out why you would giggle at the Santa sleigh...guess it's normal for us Aussies to see boomers (big male kangaroos) pulling the sleigh. :) Have you heard the song by Rolf Harris "Six White Boomers" ? It explains it all!

  4. I too spent my money climbing The Harbour Bridge, I have to say it is one of my most memorable experiences!



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