Monday, December 9, 2013

Stash Enhancing, and Gifting

While taking it really easy these past five days, I've managed to at least set foot inside my sewing room to admire the lovely stack of modern fabrics added to my stash when in Kansas City, including some pieces picked up at the Sewing and Quilt Expo - the same expo (different vendors) that I attended in Lakeland, Florida earlier this year! 

It's not typical for me to buy fat quarter bundles, but in this case, it was the best way to get a nice range of colors. 
At the top - 23 new colors of Kona
at 3 o'clock - the first Kaffe Fasset shot cottons I've ever owned
at 6 o'clock - the entire Botanics collection by Carolyn Friedlander (oooh)
at 9 o'clock - Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House. They're almost classic now, aren't they?

Since I'm a pre-washer - always will be (you really don't want to hear my two fabric-bleeding stories) - I couldn't officially add the bundles to my stash until they were washed and, in the case of the shot cottons, pressed - all 112 pieces of fabric! Oh yes. I'm really that bad spoiled.

On top of the pile is a bundle of 12" zippers purchased from the Etsy shop, ZipIt. What an economical way to buy zippers! Besides, who doesn't like to have a zipper on hand for a spontaneous bag project? There's a Tula Pink's Acacia charm pack there too. I also never buy charm packs, but a Craftsy sale was too good to pass up. (I think I'm learning I should never say "never.") 

Here's a close-up of the Botanics prints that have a smattering of gold metallic thread. I'd read about these pieces, and thought you might like to see them too.

While at the Sewing and Quilt Expo I recognized and then introduced myself to this quilting celeb. Yep, that's Victoria Findlay Wolfe of 15 Minutes of Play and Bumblebeans fame. Back in 2011, Victoria and I were in block swap together - One Block Over - so it was fun to meet her in person.

As for the sewing that's happened the past few days...
On Saturday I finished these ten, hand sewn thread catchers, but needed to keep them secret until our MQG meeting tonight. Though I showed pics on Instagram, only two of our modern quilters are IGers so there's been minimal risk that they'll be seen too soon.
hand stitched thread catchers
I made them for quilters in our Central Florida MQG chapter who have helped organize and lead our fledgling organization since we began meeting in October 2012. 
Twisted and collapsed thread catchers
Thread catchers in the untwisted, stand-up position
I think they're just the cutest things! So practical to take along to a sew-in or retreat.

Here's the link to the free pattern, though instructions were fuzzy when it came to assembling them. More and better pictures would have helped.

Fair warning: making these thread catchers is pretty time intensive. Because they're formed around the inside ring of a 4" wooden embroidery hoop (just throw away the outside part, unless you can think of a reason to keep it!), this is an entirely hand-sewn project. Actually, it takes six trips around the 4" hoop before you can call it finished. A lot of hand sewing.

I changed mine up a bit by using perle cotton to attach the bag to the hoop. Gives it a decorative touch.

These are given, meaning to convey my thanks and appreciation for the time and good efforts these CFMQG leaders have given to our chapter. After tonight's meeting, I'm stepping down as leader. In 2014, it will be great to see the chapter continue to flourish under new leadership. Linda


  1. Your thread catchers are great!
    Yes, pearl bracelets are always a classic, I love every color. It looks like you had a good shopping trip!

  2. Glad you've been keeping busy. I've seen these thread catchers before, but yours are so colorful!

  3. Those thread catchers are just so sweet! I must say I so enjoyed chatting with you this morning! You are such a happy and positive person, I felt so energised by our chat! I hope the recipients of the tread catchers appreciate all the time and effort gone into them!

  4. Oh,my. I think if I could reach through the computer I would have all those bundles. Love the colors, particularly the solids, and am also a fan of the shot cottons. They have an unusual feel and I like the looks of them incorporated into quilts. Good for you to take a break from being the MQG leader for a bit. You worked hard to start it so it's good that you can simply enjoy it for a while.

  5. You did very well on the "new fabric front". And your little thread catches are adorable and so practical too. I bet your friends were chuffed to bits!

  6. Excellent project while you are taking it easy. I just love them. Thanks for providing the link for the pattern. I'd like to attempt at least one! They are so unique!

  7. Lovely. My goodness those fabrics would have taken some ironing! whew! Beautiful colours!

  8. SO adorable and collapsible to boot!

  9. Your fabric enhancements are delicious. I too am a pre-washer and I don't have any horror stories to share of my own. I love those thread catchers. They would be an added tool beside my sewing machine for sure. Guess I'd better bookmark that link for future work. Not enough time this Dec. You are such a wonder woman of energy, even when your not up to your usualy self. Have a wonderful week.

  10. I like your thread catchers! (What makes them stand up?) I cannot imagine making so many since they are so labor intensive, you are a sweetie to make them for friends! I know you have been a blessing and the driving force to the guild even to be in existence, much less flourishing as it has.

  11. Botanics is a great group of fabrics. I picked up a charm pack at market. Hope you're feeling better.

  12. Your guild will be so happy with these thread catchers! You are so generous. Lovely fabric purchases.

  13. those thread catchers are the cutest.

  14. Very cute little gift for all your modern quilt buddies--I hope they appreciate all the time that went into those (six trips around!). I am generally a pre-washer, but lately have been slacking off, if the colors aren't too saturated. I bought three boxes of the color fixer things at Target, and use those religiously, so have averted a lot of problems in the wash.

    Those Freidlander fabrics are beautiful, as are the rest of your bundles. Always fun to get something new to add to the stash!



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