Monday, November 16, 2009


Since arriving in Australia on Oct. 23, I've been staying with my family in Sydney (Abbotsford). It has been wonderful to feel somewhat helpful with the new baby, and share in their lives.

Several times, I've walked this young miss to school... ten year-old Celina. Celina proudly wears the new UNI (University of Northern Iowa) Panther t-shirt that Bapa and I gave her.
Last Friday night I babysat while Jill and Maher went to the Nickelback Concert at Acer Arena. Maher accessorized with crutches because he tore the miniscus in his right knee - getting up from the floor after playing with a baby! He's anticipating arthroscopic surgery in the very near future.
While Mum and Dad were away, Tay, Celina and I camped in the livingroom to watch "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."
I've loved every moment of re-learning how to care for a baby as Tay has put all of us through our paces. I've been initiated in various and creative ways, on more than one occasion.
Tay's most heart-breaking expression is what we've come to call "The Lip." When he gives us The Lip we just melt and say, "Awww." Then watch what comes next.The Lip is a precursor to...
A very lusty cry!But all is forgiven and forgotten when he's cuddly, and smiley.


Julie said...

I just love "The Lip" I especially love the face that follows!!! Oh how I had forgotten those faces! Thanks for the memories!

Doris said...

Oh, Grandma, how are you going to leave that behind!?! I love the TV in the background, it looks in the one photo like the person on the screen is wailing just like Tay!

Carrie P. said...

The lip photos just crack me up. He is so cute. What a beautiful family.

Lindi said...

The lip runs in our family, too! Wonder if my new Grandy next year will have inherited it! :)

Kimberly Stuart said...

Oh, The Lip. I'm so pleased to hear it's a cross-cultural phenomenon.

What a cutie! I'm sure you're aching to to be back. :)



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