Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Flaunt - Pressies and Hexies

This week I enjoyed nearly two whole days spent with new quilting friends. More about those days later!

But do let me tell you how blessed I am to have met such lovely people while here in Australia. Everyone I've met has been kind and so welcoming. Our conversations about quilting styles and techniques, favorite magazines, how we raise our children, teen proms, houses we live in, grandchildren, and faith, have been just a few of our numerous topics of conversation. It feels just like home!

I have Di, Di, Loz, Wendi and Gail to thank for these thoughtful pressies (presents): a 35-piece jelly roll of Aussie prints, a book of stitchery blocks of Sydney sites, a pin and Christmas stocking kit, a beaded cheetah key chain, and an Aborigine dreamtime handkerchief. Thank you very much for these gifts!
I managed to hand-piece a dozen more hexagons this week while gadding about town. These blocks are all pieced differently than those I've previously made. And thanks to "The English Group" whose sewing day I attended Thursday, I had the opportunity to see two more hexie-pieced WIPs. Great inspiration for me! Pictures of those soon.


  1. What a marvelous idea .. piecing all of those different hexagons together. The complete top should be very interesting.

    Happy flying and hopefully you come back soon

  2. Linda your have certainly picked some wonderful women to spend your spare time with! I love your Hexies, they look fantastic!

  3. Linda it was great meeting you and sharing in the common bond of friendship and quilting.
    Till the next time ;)
    Happy landings

  4. You are a fortunate gal! So....I have decided to stick with the Joseph's Coat project, but I will still split my roll of Floriani with you! There's a LOT of it...

    I'm going to have to find a way to join your handwork group here during the day so you can inspire me to keep going on stuff!!!

  5. It looks like you are having a great time.
    Your hexies are so neat together.

  6. Linda, I have enjoyed your entertaining posts about your visit here. I just wish circumstances had been such that I could have got down to Sydney to meet you!
    Hope your last week here is a grab bag of more wonderful times!



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