Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kimberly Stuart, Stretch Marks, and Finders Keepers

One of my favorite authors lives very near me in Des Moines, Iowa.
Kimberly Stuart has written four books. Each one is a treat to read and make me laugh. A particular favorite of mine is Second Act, about a aging New York opera star whose agent finds her a job in Iowa as a college vocal music teacher, and her trials as she lives on a hog farm! A very fun read.

In October, Kimberly asked her readers to accept a "Finders Keepers" challenge for a "GRANDE PRIZE-O-RAMA which includes getting cool stuff in the mail" and lunch on Kimberly. She invited us to give away free copies of her current book, Stretch Marks, and do so in unusual places. You could either choose a place to leave a copy of the book with "Finders Keepers" information attached to the cover, or personally give the book away.

Lucky for me, at the time of the announced contest, I was ready to fly Down Under. Kimberly actually delivered two copies of the book to me at my house! How nice was that!?

So on November 6, carrying the book with me on a ferry from Abbotsford to Sydney's Circular Quay, I came across this Aussie mum and her little boy along the Quay. Not wanting to miss out on the fun of giving away a free book - did I mention I'm an extrovert? - I introduced myself and explained my request. Ariana smilingly agreed to pose with the book. And look! The Sydney Opera House just happened to be in the background! Then again on November 18, I ferried to Circular Quay and walked to the Royal Botanic Gardens, and found Aussie mum Tanya with her two week old daughter, Emelia. She also agreed to let me photograph her with Stretch Marks. And gosh, is that the Opera House I see in the background? And the Harbour Bridge too? Oh my! Now who can't believe that the GRANDE PRIZE-O-RAMA and a free lunch are in my future?


Di said...

Clearly a winner!

Lindi said...

What a fun thing to do!

Pennie said...

LOLOLOL and who can't believe I'm going to rush out and buy a copy of one of Kinberly Stuart's books!
Love your story Linda :-)

Carrie P. said...

What a neat concept and how much fun was that? I think you should definitely win!

Julie said...

I'll be adding Stretch Marks to my reading list. Hope you win!

quiltinbysea said...

It's definitely you Linda, just all those pics of the Opera House qualify you. Sounds like a good read, will put it on the next book order.


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