Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday Flaunt - Stitchery Down Under

In between cuddles, feedings, bubbling, baths, and nappy changes, I've managed to make some progress on the Noah's Ark stitchery blocks.
Eight done, two more and the large focal stitchery yet to go.

I think they're looking okay, but maybe a bit plain. Following Carrie P.'s blog, I see she colors her stitcheries with crayons. I like the way that looks. Carrie recommends coloring your stitchery first, then doing the embroidery. She explains that's because when you press the piece to melt and set the crayon, if you've stitched first, the embroidery will be flattened. Still, I'd like to try coloring one of the blocks I've already stitched.

Since I'm leading Stitchin' Mission quiltmakng lessons at St. Mark's in Darling Point, I'm also sewing to make two baby quilts. And I'm finding that sewing with this view is much nicer than mine at home!
These sliding glass doors open to the balcony. The weather is mild, and the landscape is lush with all sorts of blooming spring things. The bird calls are unlike any I hear at home. As pretty as a yellow-crested cockatoo may be, its screech is an ear-piercing, harsh squawk. Still, this is a beautiful place.

Each Friday, bloggers who belong to Quilting Down Under chat group post a flaunt of their productivity. Visit Cinzia's blog to find links to all 19 Friday Flaunt-ers.


  1. It looks like you're having a wonderful time with your precious bundle of joy, and what a little cutie he is. Enjoy your time in Sydney and that precious time with Tay.

  2. You have gotten a lot done. Looks like a great place to sew. What a view.

  3. Linda have you tried colouring in with pencils like Helen from Hugs & Kisses does ... she stitches first!

  4. hi Linda, yes I think adding some colour to your stitcheries will add a lot of interest especially for a baby quilt. have fun, Helen


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