2017 Quilts

Wiggle Me Colorful, 57" X 65"
Dresden Color Wheel, 29" X 29"
Bars Quilt, 61" X 76"
The back of Bars Quilt, showing my least favorite color: brown.
LDH (my initials), 21-1/2" X 19"
Outer Space, 60" X 72"
Patriotic Pinwheel, 24-1/2" X 24-1/2"
Rainbow Strings, 64" X 80"
Irma Blew on My Picket Fence, 98" X 109"
Octagonal Orb, 18" X 18"
King's Cross, 24" X 24"
Baby Bow Ties, 35-1/2" X 46-1/2"
Wrinkles Fade Away, 30-1/2" X 39-1/2"
Berry Merry Wreath, 28" X 28"

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