Thursday, November 26, 2009

Friday Flaunt - Tay's Bambino

A couple months ago I made something similar to a "Bambino" for Tay. It has a koala head and arms, and a Minkee body. Here's three-week old Tay with it, when I first arrived in Australia.Tay's mum purchased a "Bambino" kit and asked me to make it. I did so this week. Bambino has been named "Blue."Eight week old Tay had a chance to play with Blue. He said, "Thank you, Nana! I like it!"
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  1. well Tay is definitely worth a flaunt and the bambino looks good too. From the photo it appears to be a bear head and arms with an easy to hang onto quilt type body. am I right?

  2. Blue is so cute.....I can see just how much Tay has grown since you first arrived..... have a safe trip home and come again soon!



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