Make a Travel Tray - Lay it flat in a suitcase; snap the corners together to make a tray that helps you keep track of valuable items such as keys, rings, wristwatch, glasses, and such.
re-written in 2012 from free instructions by Angie's Bits and Pieces

Make Saved Selvedges into this Selvedges Quilt

Turn Leaders and Enders into a Sunny Lanes Quilt

How to Spiral Quilt with a Walking Foot

How to Make an Edith Bag
Step by step instructions for making this cute, use-it-for-anything, zipper bag.

Web a Quilt Top With Chain-Piecing
Follow this method for keeping quilt blocks in the correct order and placement, while saving thread and time.

Two Binding Methods
This method of sewing binding to a quilt is my most popularly requested instruction. Many long-time quilters have never heard of or tried this method, and it's the best for adding binding that's "on the square" and for machine-sewn, perfectly mitered corners.

Project Roll-Up
Make one of these to easily carry your hand-appliqué and tools. This is a four-page PDF.

We quilters always have a thing or two more to learn about. If you aren't familiar with an efficient way to make Flying Geese blocks, then check out this tute!
No-Waste Flying Geese Tutorial
No-Waste Flying Geese Tutorial


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