2019-2020 Quilts

2019 Quilts
Made for Curated Quilts "Well Said" challenge, 16" X 16"
(Not accepted for publication)

My own design - "Carousel" (first), 33" X 33"

My own design - "Carousel" (second), 33" X 33"

My own design - "It's All About Color" improv challenge quilt, 31" X 31"

My adaptation of Amanda Jean Nyberg's "Ring Me" quilt, 70" X 82"

Four 12-1/2" X 12-1/2" Dresden Plate quilts, made from my grandmother's fabric

Cascade Quilt, a 87" X 95" design from Modern Quilt Magic by Victoria Findlay-Wolfe.

My own selvedges design, 59" X 72".

"String Diamond" baby quilt, design from My Quilt Infatuation,  36" X 48"

My own design - "Break the Rules: Jewels," 32" X 39-1/2"

My own design - "L Cabins" 43" X 48" (Sold at QuiltCon, Austin, in 2020)

My own design, "Motto," 63" X 66"

Moroccan Tiles, pattern by Anka's Treasures, 65" X 72" 

Plaidish, free pattern by Kitchen Table Quilting, "65 X 83"

2020 Quilts
Curated Quilts Half-Square Triangle/Subtraction Challenge entry (not accepted), 16" X 16"

Central Florida MQG MidCentury Modern Artist Challenge, Illusions of Victor, 48" X 64½"

Grandma's Blue Logs finished from a found quilt top, 68" X 84"

2019 Temperature Quilt, 72" X 84"

Modern Beginner Quilt, 36" X 47"

Linda Nova, 68" X 70"

Village, 63½" X 77"

Scrap Snap, 60" X 78"

Jiggle-Joggle-Jee, 43" X 43" (free pattern on this blog)

The Road Between Us, 10½" X 10½" - Made by granddaughter Celina and me
for Curated Quilts "Youth Challenge," and accepted for publication in October 2020 issue

Hole Punch Ribbon Quilt, 37" X 61½"

Jazzed, 43" X 43"

Kawandi #1, 15" X 25"

Maze, 46" X 55"

Color Block Postage Stamp Quilt, 66" X 74"

Kawandi #2, 17" X 21"

Kawandi #3, 16" X 22½" made with vintage scraps


  1. Oh Linda! Your choice of bright colours make such joyful quilts. I live the temperature quilt and the maze quilt the most but all are superb. I’m so grateful for your blog. Katherine

    1. Thank you, Katherine, for your kind words! It makes me happy that you like my temperature quilt. I recently learned that a picture of it appeared in our local newspaper, so maybe it will inspire others to make a temp quilt too. The Maze quilt will be donated locally, and I hope it makes a child happy. Thanks for reading my blog! It's great to hear from you. (I would have replied to you by email, but your Google profile is set to "no-reply commenter.")


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