Monday, November 2, 2009

Australia - What I've Been Doing

I've been spending a lot of time with mum and bub, Jill and Tay. Here we were out to dinner. (No, I hadn't had a thing to drink. I was photographing cre-at-ive-ly.)The dinner menu had a couple choice items I've never tried, and don't intend to!As I blogged previously, it seems that taking walks with bubs in prams happens a lot in Oz.
But with such gorgeous weather, why wouldn't you!?
Here's our Jill (left) with Tay, and Jill's friend Leanne, with her bub, Jayce.
They look so Aussie. Well, Leanne is Aussie!
And I can't seem to take enough photos of our two cuties: Tay (five weeks) and Celina (age ten).
I'm still a proud Nana. And a proud mom too, who's very grateful to be in Oz to spend this time with these kidlets.
There's time enough for these palms to return to flourishing.


  1. I've never had croc but kangaroo is very tasty. Yes walks with bubs in prams is very common, good for both mum and bub.

  2. Eeeww! No croc or kangaroo for me either. How could anyone eat a kangaroo?

  3. You seem to be flourishing here in Oz too, Linda. I've never felt in the least inclined to try crocodile, but I have made rissoles (meat balls) out of minced kangaroo and it's very tasty and extremely healthy since it's so very lean.

  4. LOL I have to say I am most amused by what you find very Aus!
    You must go to Manly one day to see all the Mum's and Dad's running along beside the beach with their bubs in very sporty prams... wonderful!
    Crocodile is quite like Chicken... well a tough sort of Chicken and Kangaroo is fine, a bit strong in flavour but is the healthiest of red meats. I'd stick with our wonderful fish and shellfish if I was you.
    The English call Tomato Sauce, Ketchup which always amuses me! :-)

  5. I have tried crocodile once ... tasted ok - might have been better if it had not been cooked by a mob of high school students - lol
    I eat "Skippy" quite often - one of the best tasting meats around!
    ... mmmmm I could go a 'roo filet steak about now ... yum yum
    (and yes - it is safe to eat - you can buy it in the shops and it has to pass the same health rules as any other meat that is sold here)
    Yes it does seem rather odd to eat things like Kangaroo if you come from a place where you only ever see them in zoos ... but people here have been eating them for as long as there have been both people and 'roos here - LOL
    ... hmmm - I wonder if there are any other countries where the inhabitants EAT the animals that are on their coat of arms?

  6. It was terrific to meet you yesterday at Wendi's house. What a fantastic blog you have created. It's wonderful.



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