Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swiss Friend, and Organizing

In 1996, when the World Wide Web - yes, that's what "www" stands for - was in its infancy, I met Edith on what must have surely been one of the first quilting-related chat groups. It was called Kaffee Klatch and was moderated by a woman in Germany.

Since then, Edith and I have swapped countless emails, sent packages, and "crossed the big pond" to visit one another. Edith lives in Switzerland.

She visited me for the first time in 2000; I visited her in 2002. She has since returned twice: once in 2005 so we could attend the AQS national quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky; and another time in 2008 so we could attend the AQS national show here in Des Moines, Iowa. Both of us had quilts juried into the 2008 AQS show.

This is Edith in 2008 with her quilt "Mama Africa."

This is me in 2008 with the "AlJundi Wedding Quilt," a double wedding ring quilt, free-motion quilted and trapuntoed. The quilt was a wedding gift for our daughter and son-in-law, though it remains in my possession until they move to the US.
Neither Edith or I won anything for our quilts, but it was fun to have made it "in" together.

Through the years, Edith has thoughtfully made fabric cards for me. And boy, are there cards! During all the sorting and organizing that continues to go on around here, I found these in various places around the house.

Edith is very talented as you can see by the beautiful ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), and these paper greeting cards with fabric inserts and machine stitching.
Edith and I remain close friends, but now instead of laboriously writing emails, we visit one anothers' blogs, and Skype. As technology has evolved, so have we.

Visit Edith's "quilts und mehr" blog here. She posts in German, but thoughtfully translates her posts into English for us monolingual followers.

Sorting and Organizing
This week began with one dresser drawer containing jewelry. There's not so much to show for three hours of work, but I have purged! More than 50 pairs of earrings are poked into card stock, ready to give away. My SIL who makes jewelry has first dibs. Perhaps she can find something of worth in all this.
Most of the pieces are either gold-colored - I'm a silver gal these days - or "professional" stuff worn to work in the 90s. I'm not fond of hearts either, so everything with a heart shape is gone.
What little organizing progress I've made with this jewelry is still satisfying, like I'm taking bites of that elephant.

Nibbling away,


Elyte said...

Good morning Linda, what a lovely story to start the day. I popped over to say hello to Edith too.!Your quilt is truly spectacular. Has the teaching started yet and how is it going?

Jackie's Stitches said...

I enjoyed hearing the story of your friendship with Edith. You're both such beautiful quilters!

I see a stick pin in your collection of jewelry. I haven't seen one of those in years! Congrats on the continued reorganizing. Another task off the list!

Carrie P. said...

Well, what were those judges thinking. You both should have gotten some kind of ribbons for your quilts.
I can see why you keep the white one. Just lovely.
Still purging I see. It does take time.

DoubleL said...

Goodness me you are on a roll. I admire how you can purge your old jewellery - I'm an earring girl and have lots of pairs I dont use anymore, but just cant get rid of them. I have a neat stand to hang mine off these days so I can see my favourites and use them more often. Your Double Wedding Ring is breathtaking! Doesnt the net make the world a very small place.

Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

Hi Linda, What a surprise to see today after returning from our skiholiday, visiting your blog, all the cards I have sent you! Are you sure I have sent them all to you????? Most of them I recognized at once!
It is such a good feeling to be a friend of yours and I hope our friendship will continue for many many more years to come!
your sis-friend


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