Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mail Order

I've admired many of the bright prints designed for Marcus Brothers by Prints Charming since I visited that shop in Sydney. Marcus Brothers fabrics in Australia are much higher priced than in the US. You can imagine my delight when I found six pieces from the "Rainbow Garden" collection, for only $3.50 a yard! I purchased them online from Whittles Fabrics of Kentucky.

My Prints Charming pieces are the ones beginning with the brown/orange/blue print on the left, to the plaid at the bottom of the stack. I think my favorite print is their distinctive starburst, the royal blue and orange pieces.
I just liked the other two prints - turquoise and white; and pink/chartreuse - so at only $4 a yard, why not? Whittles added that green print fat quarter as a thank you. Fabric shopping doesn't get more economical than this!

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Elyte said...

You can appreciate how much we pay for fabrics here and how much cheaper it is to buy online. But some of our lovely quilt shops have closed down and we are torn between emotional and economic decisions. When I was in the US 3 years ago I wanted to buy everything because it was so cheap. We were in an Amish area where one of the stores was closing down. Fabrics were $2 a metre. I was fainting!


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