Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Flaunt - Fifth Ten in '10 Finished!

Since I didn't flaunt last Friday (due to the giveaway), I have this finished 34" X 37" wall hanging quilt to show you. I will donate it to Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp in Story City, Iowa. The annual quilt auction - the camp's largest fundraiser - is Saturday, July 25, and this quilt will be among those sold in the silent auction, prior to the live auction.

Last year's event happened on the most gorgeous summer day. It was simply beautiful to see the quilts pegged to clotheslines among the trees, wafting in a gentle breeze.

Quilting this was a treat because it fit so easily in the 7-1/2" throat space - the area between the sewing machine needle and the machine body.

See the quilted trees?

Though I know a quilt rarely sells for an amount relative to the quantity of time put into making it, I hope this earns a lot of money for Riverside.

You may have noticed this is my fifth completed Ten in '10. While this is very encouraging to me, the pace of finishes will doubtlessly decline as I switch to handwork for project #6.

And now, for something completely different...

I made a denim, embroidered fabric skirt! It's the one on the left. When I found the material at Joann's I knew immediately I wanted to make a casual skirt like the khaki embroidered skirt I purchased last October while in Australia. So, the skirt on the right from Aus was the pattern for the skirt on the left. Mine doesn't have a tie (I don't tuck in my top), but the rest of it is the same even to having an invisible zipper. Wow, I can still sew a garment!
Aussie friends: Don't be surprised to see me wearing this when I'm there, in just a few weeks!

This afternoon I'm off to a weekend quilt retreat. Six of us in the Batting Buds group are retreating from 2 pm Friday to 2 pm Sunday... sheer bliss! I will tell you all about it on Monday. Have a great weekend.

P.S. While on retreat, on TV we'll watch a NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) basketball play-off game. Our beloved, and #9 nationally-ranked University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Panthers - who in a huge, unexpected upset beat the #1 ranked Kansas University (KU) Jayhawks - will play Michigan State.

Go Panthers!


Jenny said...

Good on you doing some "clothes" sewing - you have done much better than me! I have cut out a summer skirt, like you, using an existing one as a pattern. And that's as far as it has got. By the time I get around to it, it will be getting on for winter. Perhaps I should find it and put it on top of my sewing cabinet to remind me!

Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

A nice quilt you made and I love the skirt only for my figure it won't fit! Enjoy wearing it in Australia!

Bern said...

Linda, I absolutely love the quilted trees in the quilt in your latest blog! I would never have thought to have done something like that!

Regards Bern in Caloundra, Q'ld Australia
Also a QDU'er and Scquilter!

Jackie's Stitches said...

I love today's FF. The quilting of the trees is wonderful-they were my favorite before and even more so now that you've quilted them! Enjoy your retreat.

cinzia said...

Just love the lopsided quilt. It really adds a zing unlike a boring regular setting.
Always love checking out your ideas.. there is usually something worth copying or is stealing the more correct word?

Di said...

Such a whirl of creativity! Your Riverside quilt is just gorgeous, especially your idea of quilting the tree shapes in the background. I loved that skirt when you wore it last October! Almost went in search of one myself. But your new one is even more stylish - looking forward to seeing it when you get here soon! Can you bring me some more hours in my day too, please, so I can complete a few more of my 10 in 10s?

Elizabeth. said...

The skirts are simply lovely, Linda! And the quilt is simply delightful!

A lady from church let us borrow a quilting book (First Time Quilting, I think) and we were delighted to see your name and photos of Stitchin' Mission a while back in there. :)

Joyfully in Jesus,

StitchinByTheLake said...

It's a wonderful quilt - someone is going to love that and buy it quick! Cute skirts too - I'm trying hard to lose weight so I can wear some skirts (and feel good about it!) this summer. blessings, marlene

Doris said...

OMGosh, I love your camp quilt, and I thought all along you were making this for yourself/hubby. What a generous Silent Auction donation! I've been asked to do one for later this year, I need to get my idea nailed down. Great quilting. And. cute skirts!

Deb said...

The quilt looks wonderful, and I love the skirt. We are also rooting for the Panthers and can't wait to see them win again tonight. Have a wonderful retreat. Look forward to hearing about it.

Carrie P. said...

I like the name of your quilt group. Look forward to seeing what you all did.
Oh, your finish is fabulous. I just love the embroidery. Can you share the name of the pattern? You probably already did but can you remind me again.
Such talent, a new skirt and very cute too.


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