Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today is my 200th Flourishing Palms blog post.

Today is my 57th birthday.


To celebrate, I'm having a Flourishing Palms giveaway. This giveaway ended March 24.

Three people have a chance to win - first prize, second prize and third prize. Entries will be accepted for one week, ending at midnight Wednesday, March 24. Winners will be selected by random number generator.

All three prizes are my handiwork... from my "flourishing palms."

First prize is one of these two accessory holders - the winner gets to pick. Each of these is upcycled - meaning I used something acquired to make something new. Each is 17" X 30" and sewn from upholstery samples. The prints are palm trees, naturally!
Various sizes of nine vinyl pouches will hold your assorted quilting and sewing supplies, or anything you choose to store. Notions and tools are shown to demonstrate how to use the accessory holder; they are not included in the prize.

Second prize is this 7-1/2" X 7-1/2" zipper bag. Read more here about how it was made.
Third prize is all six of these bottle cap pin cushion rings. Keep one or two for yourself and share the others with your sewing/stitching/quilting friends.
To be entered in the drawing simply leave a comment telling me how you share your "flourishing palms" - the work of your hands.
For example:
Do you make quilts for missions, or people in need?
Do you prepare meals for shut-ins?
Are you a volunteer at a hospital, school, or other non-profit organization?
How do you use your "flourishing palms" help others?
Please, one comment per person.

Comments from "no reply" bloggers will not be entered in the drawing. (If I can't email you, I can't tell you that you've won!)

First, second and third place winners will be drawn by random number generator after midnight Wednesday, March 24. This giveaway ended March 24.

May God bless your flourishing palms!


  1. What a generous line-up of Linda-produced creations! I enjoy making gifts for my friends, for birthdays, Christmas, or 'just because'. And of course recently my quiltmaking has become even more satisfying because I'm not only making 'mission' quilts for a charity, but fostering and encouraging new quiltmakers. I think I've found my purpose!

  2. Wow! A double celebration!

    Happy Birthday and congratulations for your 200th post!

    Keep doing what you are doing! You are an amazing lady!


  3. Happy Birthday to an amazing lady. Hope you have a great day.
    And of course well done on 200 posts-look forward to many more. You are an inspiratiion.

  4. Congratulations on the 57 and on the 200! I really enjoy your blog and look forward to another 200!

    I sew and quilt just for the fun of the creative process. I love making things up, I love the craft, the geometry, the colours, the textures, everything about creating with fabric. It's the journey and the challenge of creating I enjoy, not so much the results. :)

  5. Happy happy Birthday, and congrats on your blogaversary!
    What gorgeous prizes and 3 prizes is just typical of your generosity!
    I love making things for others, whether it be quilts for family (they haven't all got one yet) or bags and things for friends - including blogging friends. I love that I can create things that not only look and feel lovely, but are useful as well.

  6. I could use all this space saying how often I check your blog - it is so interesting, etc. but that is not what you ask for. I am raising a 15 year old granddaughter and together we make quilts for the homeless. We use only recycled fabric - I purchased old church tableclothes to make them and donate to the Manna House here in Memphis. My blog is if you want to see one we made.Not sure how this shows up on yours so my email is Thanks for your blog again.

  7. Happy Birthday Linda and congratulations for your 200th post. As a member of the Bluegum Quilters I contribute to the quilts that we make for the Northern Hospital. I have also made many small items for our annual craft stall, the proceeds of which are donated to the Uniting Church that kindly allows us to use their hall for our monthly gatherings.

  8. Happy Blogoversary, Linda!
    I sure would like to win the zipper bag (or the pincushions or supply holders!)! How delightful!
    Well, one way I used my "flourishing palms" is that my mom and I made two quilts for Stitchin' Mission. :)


  9. Happy belated birthday from one Linda to another, and happy blog aversary. What a sweet line up of goodies.
    I'm in the process of making quilts for my church to distribute to whomever is in need. Always puts a smile on my face when I can give to others.

  10. Congratulation Linda to your birthday as well as your 200th post. I always enjoy reading your blog entries. And now you have give aways! I wouldn't mind if one will be posted to Switzerland! We (Neftiquilter) are sewing a quilt for a raffle and the money always goes to a charity mostly for children.

  11. Ive found the perfect use for my old quilts or friend's not wanted half done smallish quilts - I finish them off for the preschool I work in and the kids love them. Latest one was a friend's I spy quilt - I added fun vegetable fabric borders. I love seeing the kids playing in them or using them for imaginerary things.

  12. Happy Birthday Linda and Happy Anniversary.
    What a great giveaway.
    My husband and I use our flourishing palms at our church in the marriage ministry. We, along with other couples guide couples along so that they can improve their marriages.
    I also make small quilts for our guild which goes to preemies and to school children to take their naps on.

  13. Happy birthday and happy blogging. I'm also 57 but don't have time to blog. I'm a probation officer and work with people every day. I love to make things for people in my life and I give away most of what I make. Through blogland I have been finding some charity things to do. Currently I'm making a house block for housing for the poor in NYC. I'm always looking for others but live in the far north, so need to find things close to home. A guild I belong to made quilts for a local women's transition home last year. Thanks for the nice things you've made for your give-away.

  14. Congratulations on your DOUBLE CELEBRATION. I like to make quilts for patients having chemo and for babies in the ICU unit - as well as for my family and friends!

    sao (Shirley Albertson Owens)
    Midlothian, VA

  15. How creative and generous of you.

    As much as I think your prizes are fantastic I would love to know how to make them rather than win them if you are willing to share the info.

    I have a friend who makes a phenomenal number of charity quilts and would love to make an organiser for her as she spends forever looking for her things.

    Oh congratulations on the 200 and the 57... your new photo was quite a surprise.. thought I must have gone to the wrong site.

  16. Guess I left my "post" on the wrong page. Leave it to me. I am a Stitchin Mission tag along from day one. Love to help with the newbie quilters and add to the quilt collection for each of the missions involved. You continue to amaze me with your creations.

  17. Hi! Great giveaway, wow 200 posts is huge!

    I don't sew for charity, but I am a volunteer firefighter, I love being part of a great team doing something that is so important and effects so many people.

  18. Happy Birthday Linda! What a lovely idea! I think the most satisfying part of quilting is being able to help others. I have been involved in making quilts, quilts and goody bags for the victims of the Black Saturday bushfires here in Victoria, Australia. I also help out with a group called "Breast Cancer Comfor Cushions" who make comfor sets for ladies who have had cancer surgery involving the removal of their lymph glands. I also organised a group project to make tiny quilts for premature babies so that they could lie in their humidicribs on something that retained the scent of their mothers. I am not a goddy goody, but I do love helping others in any way I can.
    Helen Evans

  19. Hi Linda, I do enjoy reading your blog and I am glad that you posted a reminder about posting a message. When I can, I make hearts for other quilters, but basically my volunteer work is with my Returned Services League (RSL) Women's Auxiliary, helping to raise funds to help other community groups in our area (Caloundra, Q';d) and helping out occasionally in our RSL Care nursing home, plus I volunteer with other RSL-associated groups. I also help my husband out a lot with his work for the Caloundra RSL, where he is the (volunteer) Sub-Branch President (it is a huge Sub-Branch with 1 200 members)and helps other (war) Veterans (he is a Vietnam Veteran), ex-service-people and their families (we are a bit like a touch-tag team, if that is the right expression).

    I'm a bit like Cinzia - as much as I would be honoured to win one of your (very generous) prizes, I would love to learn how to make them!

    I am also a big pray-er/believer in the power of prayer and I do think that this is one of the ways that I know I can best help others.

    With thanks for your generosity (and I do hope that you have a great time when you come for your visit). One of my very good (local) friends has her Aussie son married to a lovely American girl and they and their family live in San Louis Abizbo (I will probably have the spelling of the last bit of that city wrong), and so Carol keeps in contact with her "Yozzie" family by Skype too, but just loves it so much when she can get to see them face-to-face!

    Bern in Caloundra, Q'ld

  20. My quilts are not very good, but I have donated to a center for abused children, to a brave young man with CF, and other than that my crafts are not used much. I do participate and give my time to promote good marriages by doing pre marriage counseling to engaged couples. That has taken up a portion of my time for the last 25 or so years. I also taught religious education for 17 years and have worked with supplying items for needy people. I have this year just begun to participate in block gathers that V at Bumblebeans has organized. I want to do more charity quilts, but between lack of skills and poor health I haven;t gotten there yet, but I will do better.

  21. Congratulations on 200 posts and happy birthday - well done!!!

  22. Happy happy birthday to you_ May your year be rich with opportunities to celebrate your many gifts.
    I have made baby quilts for ICU units and gifts for friends - My professional life is spent teaching in an inner city school.
    Your winners are going to enjoy your generous gifts.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  23. Just stumbled on your blogs thorugh Quiltville - what a wonderful thing you are doing.

    I make Fuggly quilts out of all manner of left over clothing, curtain fabric (with the sunblock backing), canvas etc for homeless people. The main aim os for them to be hardwearing, easy to roll and have straps, and if possible something a bit waterproof for sleeping on the ground.

    My sons give them out at the BBQs for the homeless their school runs.


  24. Happy Birthday to Linda! I love your new hairdo.
    I have volunteered at the hospital for thirty years. I also make charity quilts.

  25. Hi Linda, congrats on your birthday and your 200th post. What a generous give away you have. I assist in making childrens quilts for a local hospital, and we also make covers for the Isolettes for premature babies. Good luck on the next 200 posts!

  26. Hi Linda, I work in a Psychiatic Unit in a hospital. I do get paid but not for the extra hours we put in most days. I like sewing but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Happy birthday and congrats on your 200th post.

  27. Hi Linda, please forgive me for not wishing you a Happy Birthday! I hope that you had a wonderful day surrounded by love. Also, Happy Blog birthday/anniversary - such a wonderful achievement!

    Regards Bern in Caloundra, Q'ld, Australia

  28. Hi Linda... Happy birthday/versary and I love your new photo!
    The accessory holders are fab... great idea for simple space saving storage "-)
    I quilt for Fresh Hope - a local organisation that provides support and rehab for recovering addicts. The mum's 'live in' and their children stay with them rather than be sent off to foster care. Mary and her group of volunteers make lots of quilt tops from baby right up to double and queen size and I quilt them as a free service. The Gum Tree Designers (of which I'm a member) have adopted Fresh Hope as our charity for 2010 and are currently working on a joint project which we hope will generate more funds for Fresh Hope.
    thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway and giving us an opportunity to write about how we help others....
    Cheryl xxx

  29. Your energy exhausts me. Your talent amazes me. Your friendship blesses me!

  30. f those pin cushions. So cute.
    Well, how do I share my 'flourishing palms, - I have made an average of 7 quilts a year since I started in 1994 and I have less than a dozen here at home. I have given the rest away. Some of the 'gone' quilts were what I call 'Cuddle Quilts which are usually I Spy quilts made for kiddies who have suffered some loss, and I make these for other people who I feel need a cuddle at difficult times in their lives. I keep no record of who I send these too. Sometimes I have sent them to the police station in the area where the person/people lives with a letter explaining to the police 'boss' that I heard about the drama this person has recently had and made this cuddle quilt for them, would they please get it too them. So far I have got a reply back from the police for every quilt I have sent out this way. The reason I do this, - - - it makes me feel good. And that's my reward.
    Although a gift from you would be a nice reward too. (smiling)
    Del Soden

  31. I always read your blog its good ! Lovely prizes for your giveaway I just love those little pincushions!
    Congratulations on your 200th post!
    I make quite a few Quilts for various Charities but Most seem to go to the cancer kids, or childrens hospital's

  32. Like most everyone I give away lots of the things I make to friends and family. But I also make quilts for charity...just today I finished my very first quilt for Downy's kids program. blessings, marlene

  33. oooh what goodies, this is my first visit to your blog, congrats on your double celebration!!

  34. Congratulations on your 200th Post. Your give-aways are to die for! I do hope I am lucky enough to win!

  35. Congrats on your 200th post.
    Your giveaway looks very nice. I would be happy to win any part of it.
    I am actively involved with our local quilt guild in making twin sized quilts for our local VA hospital. We also make quilt to give to a local foster care program. We have donated over 100 quilts to the foster care program and will be donating 50 quilts to the VA hospital.
    My blog site is

  36. This is so exciting!!! What great prizes, too! I stopped by when you first posted this but was in such a hurry I didn't get to leave a comment!

    I share my time and talents to increase the viability and visibility of artists in our region as part of an arts alliance!


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