Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Flaunt - Zipper Bags

Remember this quilting from a couple weeks ago?

It's the back side of a pieced quilt sandwich.

Now that birthday presents have been given, I can show you what the front looks like. Following a tutorial on LuAnn's blog, I sewed strips together, sandwiched and quilted the fabric.

From the quilted fabric, I cut out and sewed zipper bags.
LuAnn was able to make five bags using 45"-wide fabric. My fabric wasn't that wide, so I could make only four bags. You can see I turned fabric different directions to assemble the bags. I also changed zipper directions, and added ribbon and beads to the zipper pull tabs.
All the bags have been spoken for, so it was a worthwhile effort that went a long way. It's fun to surprise friends with an unexpected birthday present.

Thank you, LuAnn for a great idea.


  1. What beautiful work! I can imagine how delighted the recipients must have been. PS. I soooooo aspire to being able to machine quilt like you do.

  2. Thank you for sharing this one Linda. What a great idea! And you can make them in bulk. A great way to play with colour and practice quilting.

  3. These came out really cute. It would be good to always have a few of these on hand. Your quilting is perfection!

  4. They look fabulous! Like the new hair do, too, although I had to go back to the top to make sure I was on your blog. :)

  5. Wow, they are so great and great quilting too.

  6. You have the greatest ideas. You are truly blessed with knowing how to use your time wisely. I have actually made some progress on my list of 10 things to finish this year. Have 13 "Belly bands" made to give to the Nebraska Italian Greyhound Rescue League. In case your wondering, they are used to help housebreak doggies. Some know I just recently adopted a 2 year old IG.

  7. These bags are really kewl .. I wish I had time to make some myself! I miss quilting/sewing!


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