Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Flaunt - Another Quilt for Austin

I've been making quilts for 34 years. After such a long time, I've learned two things about myself: 1) I can't get enough of making quilts! I don't do well with just one or two WIPs going at a time. By today's count, I am "simultaneously" working on six different projects.

And, 2) I have made so many quilts that I'm sometimes able to look at one I like and figure out how to make it. Of course, there are exceptions for intricate quilts, but simpler designs suit me best anyway.

This week has been one of those when I thought, "I'm tired of working on the same, long term quilts, and I'd like to 'whip-up' something just because I can."

So after seeing a particularly nice quilt on the Internet, I whipped it up. On Wednesday I cut out, pieced, layered and pin-basted. Thursday I machine-quilted, and finished with binding. Well hey. Why not have a personal quilt retreat in my basement sewing room? With our unseasonably hot weather, reaching 90F (32C) this week, it was the coolest place to be (pun intended!).
The quilt is 41" X 52". The focus fabric is a monster - or dinosaurs? - print selected by my DDIL Lyn for their baby, Austin. I had only to raid my stash for 20 different bright tone-on-tone prints and white sashing fabric. (Click to enlarge.)This white bulls-eye print - which a few of you may remember seeing on another WIP, my Snowflake Medallion quilt - is a favorite that's made by Timeless Treasures. The last time I found it at Prairie Star Quilts in Elkhorn, Iowa, I bought five yards. I also have it in black.

You observant Aussies might notice the orange starburst print that's from an Australian fabric designing team, Prints Charming.

The quilt back is pieced from my stash too.
The rainbow print binding fabric is a design that's printed on the bias. When strips are cut on the cross-grain, they look spiral on the quilt. I love that candy-cane effect.
Though I've already made a baby quilt for new grandson Austin, this quilt is also his, for "tummy time" when he's a little older. The bright colors should attract his attention.

And here's three week-old Austin, who I have yet to meet. In a couple weeks, I will go (big gulp, I'm flying again) to Tampa, Florida, to help take care of him. I can't wait!
While I'm blustering about grandsons, here's the latest photo of eight month-old Tay, in Sydney. I adore his curly-top head, and just want to nuzzle those chubby cheeks!

As long as I'm yammering about family, let me share this photo of two new Australians. Last week, our SIL and granddaughter, Celina, were officially sworn in as citizens of Australia. Good on ya, mates!


Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

Ï like the quilt you made for Austin! Just perfect for a child with these bright colors and dinosaur print.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the bright colors! I have that same bulls eye white and love it - wish I could find more. blessings, marlene

Deb said...

That quilt is just perfect for a child. I really love the dinosaurs and all the colors! A real eye catcher!

Jenny said...

Only 6 projects? I'm not even going to count mine! A penfriend from South Dakota told me that she stopped counting when she reached 81!

The baby quilt is gorgeous, great work.

Jenny from New Zealand

Jackie's Stitches said...

I hope to get to the day when I can whip something up and be happy with it. It's a beautiful quilt and I know Austin will treasure it. The back is cute too and I love your fabric choices.

Julia said...

I love this gorgeous quilt, so perfect for a little one..Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog...nice to see you have family ties in Australia, and that you may come back again..
Julia ♥

Carrie P. said...

Catching up on your blog. Your new grandson is so sweet and of course so is Tay. Love those little bags you made.
Your embroidery block is so cute too. It will be fun to see that BOM put together.
Thanks for coming by my blog. It feels good to be back, I just have to take it slow.


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