Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sixth "Under the Sea" Block

I've just completed this pencil-colored, hand embroidery block: Sorena Seahorse of Willowberry Designs "Under the Sea" BOM. This is the June block that was released a couple weeks ago.
On the bottom right you'll see a crab, and hidden in the rocks is a black eel. Knowing Cheryl Goss, who's designing this series, both the crab and the eel will appear in future blocks, each in their full blown glory.

Cheryl's idea of designing a BOM is so clever. Each block leads the viewer (and stitcher) from one block to the next, just like following a treasure hunt. I'm betting the crab is the July block.


  1. It looks great Linda. I'm really enjoying watch all the months unfold.

  2. I wish I was doing them, they look so charming. I love the colouring added to the scene.

  3. Your block looks great and you spoke the truth about Cheryl. She so freely shares of her talents and is just am amazing designer.

    I like your tummy time quilt too - great colors for a little tyke.

  4. Your blocks are coming along swimmingly (sorry couldn't resist).


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