Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Monday Treats

Monday evening, after the tough afternoon spent in the fabric shop, I accompanied Di to her house for a sleep-over!
Both Di-s, and Di's mum...
... were there, and we shared a wonderful evening. For dinner we ate lamb, fresh vegetables, and a yummy lemon tart with ice cream.
We talked about quilting classes, quilting groups, and quilts.
Di B. showed us this "Matilda" quilt she made using two jelly rolls of Australiana and Aborigine prints.She also makes these clutch balls for babies. So sweet! They're stuffed with fiberfill and a few bells to make a soft jingle.
I learned a little bit about this history of this gorgeous home. I looked at 1920s-30s photos of this spit of land when it was a ferry stop with a convenience-type store that sold newspapers, chocolates, coffee and sundries to waiting passengers. Years later an architect did a lovely job of reiterating the curved walls, styling an extension for a private home.

Last week I took this ferry-view photo of the house knowing I'd get to spend a night in it.
And what a treat it was to spend the night in such an elegant place! I didn't climb into bed until past 11 p.m., but I was quickly lulled to sleep by the waves lapping on the rocks just below my second floor room. I slept in the part of the house that was originally the compact living quarters of the people who ran the shop below.
Shortly after 5 a.m. I opened my eyes to see this gentle sunrise through my open balcony door.In no time at all, it looked like this. It was easy to offer thanks to God for the blessing of this beautiful morning, and my good fortune to be in Australia again. (Oooh. Yet another "pinch me moment.")
Even at that early hour, two men were kayaking.Later in the morning, Di took me up these winding stairs to the roof.
The rooftop views were spectacular! To the west I could see the CBD and the Harbour Bridge. To the northeast I could see Manly.
Closer to the house is this view of Parsley Bay. That horizontal line across the water is a net that prevents sharks from getting near the beach.Next door is a seawater swimming pool that fills and empties with the tides.What a beautiful start to a beautiful day.
Thank you... dear-hearted friends who invited me to spend a night with you!


  1. Sounds like you had yet another *wonderful* day! Those clutch balls are simply adorable!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  2. Jealousy is a sin, right? Wow, you are one lucky gal...what a beautiful place and what wonderful friends.

  3. wow, would I love to join you there!
    Enjoy these moments

  4. Congratulations on another Grandie arriving safely.
    Hope the trip home goes well and the in-flight movie is at least entertaining.



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