Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sounds Like Home - Not!

When I wake up in the morning, during those moments when I ask myself, "Where am I?", the most tangible way of knowing - whether in Australia or at home - is by the bird calls. At home I wake to light chirup-ping of sparrows, or the mournful coo of mourning doves. Occasionally, there's the clear short call of a cardinal or the waa-ck of a blue jay. These are the sounds of home.

In Australia, morning wake-up sounds are much different! Oftentimes the calls are magpies or noisy miners. A few times I heard kookaburras - most often very early in the morning. But the most obnoxious sounds came from the beautiful yellow-crested cockatoos. They're the prettiest large birds, but they sound awful. It made my grand-daughter and I come to the conclusion that pretty birds make ugly sounds; ugly birds make pretty sounds. See if you don't agree.
What sounds do you wake up to?


  1. You are so right about cockatoos Linda, they always sound like someone is standing on them. Noisy, opinionated, attention grabbing little balls of feathers, but you can usually get a laugh watching their antics.

  2. I must be weird - I LIKE the sounds the cockys make! ... they so cheerful and happy ... kind of like kids squabbling in the school yard - lol
    and I also like the sound that crows make, they kind of sound so "laid back Aussie" or something ... I wonder if I would think the same about those 2 bird calls if I hand't been born and grown up here? LOL
    btw Magpies are also rather large birds and I think most people I know agree that their calls are wonderful ... especially that warbly thing they do ... I often wonder what it is they are saying to each other.



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