Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday Flaunt - Stitchery Article

I'm quite chuffed! This Quilters Newsletter arrived in the mail. On page 28 begins the five-page article I wrote about stitchery quilts (quilters) in Australia!

It was so interesting and enjoyable to interview the stitchers for this article.
Stitchers and quiltmakers are:
Gosh, nearly everyone in Oz is a blogger too!

American Carrie Pippin stitched Cheryl Goss' "Verandah Views" BOM, and that quilt is featured too. Part of it is the stitched trellis and vines on the left-hand side.

One of Gail Pan's designs, "Little House" is included with the article. So, if you haven't tried stitchery, it's a great beginner project. Click here to see it on-line.
It's exciting to see one's articles in print. I'm hoping for the opportunity to write more about what stitchers and quilters are doing in Australia. Trends are different there, and it's great fun to share them with American quilters.

Since just returning from Sydney, I found that it's hexagons that seem to be dominating the scene. Everyone's working on some sort of hexie quilt. They're even offering programs on "Hexagon Madness." Now wouldn't you like to read a story about that?


  1. Hi Linda :)
    That is very exciting and special! I'm so looking forward to reading the article. The best part about working with you on this project is that we now have a beautiful new friend to share our crafty doings with... that's even more special :)
    Cheryl xx

  2. Great article Linda, congrats on being published..again.

    Love Cheryl's designs, her current freebie 'Under the Sea' is the cutest!

  3. Awesome! I can't wait to get my magazine.

  4. Have to keep my eye out for the mag here in Australia.

  5. WOW the article looks fabulous, I can't wait to get my copy, and read all about us clever Aussies!

  6. Doesn't it look good? Will have to look out for it in the shops.

    I thought you would have been coming to the retreat but you skipped the country just before it started.
    Perhaps next year.. it's in Kiama which is just down the road from home.. in fact I live the closest to the hotel where it is being held so no need to pack everything and find out I have forgotten the thing I needed most:)

  7. Welcome home and congratulations, what a thrill to be in print and such a great article. I'll be having an extra good read when I get the mag.

  8. looks great, can't wait to get a copy!!! Thanks so much for the article!

  9. Linda, The QN just arrived in the mail this morning. While having a quick look through, I noticed your article because of the Stitchery in Oz. Congratulaton on this big article.

  10. Hi Linda, I popped over from my friend Jenny's blog (Elefantz) to see the article you wrote about her and my other friends; Cheryl and Vicki.

    Congratulations; it looks fabulous. The girls are very excited too.

    Kind Regards

  11. Congratulations on your achievement.

  12. Congrats, Linda!
    The article and photos look simply wonderful from the photos you shared!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

  13. Hi Linda,
    I also found you from Jenny's blog (Elefantz). I am so pleased to see some of our Aussie designers getting published in US magazines - Congratulations to them all. we know we have great designers here - so its good to see others recognize that too.

    I have spent a very enjoyable half hour looking thru at all the photos of Sydney - where I come from and miss dreadfully!
    Thanks for sharing


  14. Thanks Linda for giving me a chance to be a part of this fun project. I only realised it was out today when a friend emailed me from America. She read the article, because she has a few Aussie quilt friends, & was surprised when she saw my name. I'm looking forward to seeing a copy. cheers, Jan

  15. Hi Linda
    Congratulations on the article. I just recently discovered your blog when some of my designer friends mentioned your interview.

    Love your flourishing palms theme!

  16. I knew of you, but didn't know I did! Isn't it funny how things come about! I actually purchased the magazine you were recenelty featured in because of the quilt on the front. However, once I got reading through the rest of it I noticed the great article about Australian stitchery which I am totally in love with! Nice to (cyber-)meet you and great article! The other neat thing was that I was already a follower of Carrie's blog (A Passion For Applique) and saw her quilt in the article too!
    Plus, I have a neat little trinket-type notion similar to your bottle cap pin cushion. I JUST posted about it last night! It's called a tuffet (see, crazy how things come about!). You're welcome to check it out at my blog.



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