Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Flaunt - Under the Sea

You know... I'm so enjoying stitchery! After digging into Australians' perspectives on stitcheries, and writing the article about it for "Quilters Newsletter" magazine, I've gotten hooked on it.

I've always liked looking at the close-up photos designers take of their stitches, admiring the way the threads seem to lay like uniform beads across the surface of the fabric - linen, cotton, or whatever it may be.

That prompted me to photograph my own stitches in the same manner, and I have to say that surprisingly, I like what I see! This is the waterline along the top of the May block for "Under the Sea," by Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs.
These sea snakes make the fifth block in the series.
The June block of a seahorse has already been released.
And just how quickly did I get this piece stitched-up? In less than one week. Ya gotta love jet lag for gettin' stuff done. How 'bout that 15 hour time difference!? (Australia to Iowa)

Now I need another good bout of jet lag to get going on the next block!


  1. That BOM is really looking great!

  2. I'm loving seeing these blocks. Stitchery is big in Australia and there are so many great talented designers.

  3. This block of the month is really a great one. I love the stitcheries and love the little bit of painting on them too. They really look like they're a lot of fun!

  4. Regarding Deb's comment about "painting," let me clarify that the coloring comes from pencils. I'm using a set of 24 colors of Derwent brand "Coloursoft" pencils to give extra life to this series. It's lotsa fun!



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