Friday, April 16, 2010

In a Land Down Under

The collywobbles are gone. Thanks to friends who were praying for me for a safe trip, and a gradual re-familiarity with flying - take-off, land, take-off, land, take-off, land - I was actually able to enjoy my window seat view as our United flight arrived in Sydney at about 6:25 a.m. Friday morning.
Having been to Sydney before, I figured out that our plane circled north of the CBD (Central Business District), then landed from the west. This was my view of downtown Sydney. In the center, below the plane's wing tip, is the Harbour Bridge, and to the right is the white top of the Sydney Opera House. The bridge in the center is the ANZAC (Australia/New Zealand Army Corps) Bridge, also referred to as "Madonna's Bra" for the pairs of suspension wires over the bridge.My family was extremely patient, waiting for me outside the customs area for over an hour. In the epitome of poor timing, three jumbo planes landed simultaneously - ours, Singapore and Emirates airlines. Hundreds of weary, frantic travelers meant long passport clearance lines, chaotic luggage carousels, and even longer customs screening lines.

To say that I was happy to see my family is an understatement. Today, an outting to Paddington Market and trying to get this body clock adjusted.


  1. Welcome back to Australia. Enjoy your sepcial family time

  2. I'm glad you had an uneventful flight! I know there is tons of fun in store for you!

  3. Great view from the plane, those long customs lines are awful.

  4. boy, I have been so bad about reading your blog but now I am caught up.
    Some great outing with the family. It sure is a beautiful place. Those fruit bats in the trees fascinate me.



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