Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Flaunt - Sixth Ten in '10 Finished

With my sixth project finished, I'm now more than half way through my Ten in '10 resolution! I mentally celebrated... briefly. Then, I quickly got real. The truth is I've knocked off the smallest projects first. The four remaining quilts will not progress at the same rate because they're larger, and three of them are mostly handwork, which I love, but which takes more time. Now I'll really be challenged to complete my resolution list. A few of you have joined me in this Ten in '10. How are you progressing?

So my sixth finish is this 36" X 48" Stairs to Heaven quilt. At next Tuesday evening's last Stitchin' Mission class, I'll add a label before donating this quilt. I hope the quilt will be loved by a new mother and her baby who seek the services of the Alpha Women's Center in Ankeny, Iowa.
Click on the quilt for a closer look at the focus fabric, a cute ladybug print. The backing fabric that you cannot see is bright yellow with black dots.

Another finish is this set of Snap Happy bags. I've been intrigued with them since I first saw ones made by Doris on her Threads of Conversation blog. The bags are held closed with strips of metal carpenter's tape measurer. One fat quarter makes all three pouches: a small, medium and large.

Prairie Points tabs are used to pull open the pouch. Half circle-shaped tabs work too.

A cute, snappy pouch.
Sewing a bag that involves using metal snips to cut a tape measurer into pieces? Wrapping the tape measurer pieces' ends with duct tape so the fabric doesn't get cut? How do people who sew think of using tools like this?!


Pat said...

Your work is beautiful, my dear friend. Thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!

Jackie's Stitches said...

A lady at my quilt shop made a ton of these snap happy bags for gifts. I thought the same thing, where do the ideas come from? I'm glad someone has them!

Cute quilt and great progress on your 10 in 10!

Elizabeth. said...

How delightful! I loved seeing the ladybug print--the child who receives it will be truly blessed by your wonderful work!

And the zipper pouches are lovely, too!

Joyfully in Jesus,

Doris said...

Great little bags, Linda! And I am so impressed with your finishes!

aubirdwoman said...

well done on the finishes.
And thanks for the links to the little bags. I can seem some pressies being made here lol.

Elyte said...

You seem to be finishing sooooo many things recently and they all look wonderful. Thank you for your tips on the bias strips. I finally, after much running around, found some pressing bars (bought some for my friends too) and will try to finish the basket block. Your must be very close to your holiday so have a happy and safe trip.

Janet said...

The ladybird fabric is cute. I can't come up with ideas like that bag pattern but how neat for us that someone did.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

splendid model which nice job
best regards mary

Carrie P. said...

Great finishes. I don't know about they come up with the ideas but good for them and for us if it makes sewing easier.

Di said...

Now tell me, Linda, just when do you sleep, girl? You've been making so many gorgeous things! That border fabric on your Stitchin' Mission quilt is so clever!


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