Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Stuff

These are a few pictures of my beautiful Sunday morning walk to church.

My family lives in this complex of townhomes and apartments called Abbotsford Cove. It's right on one of Sydney's dozens of bays.
Sydneysiders are accustomed to being on or near water. Boats are everywhere, and it's different for this Midwesterner to see waterways used commonly as a form of transportation.

I know I'm not in Iowa anymore when I get to see unusual vegetation. This is just one of many varieties of bottlebrush. After a pretty, 15 minute walk, I arrived at my destination, St. Andrew's Anglican Church. The people are very welcoming and friendly! I arrived a bit early but had the pleasure of meeting and visiting with several members. After the service I met a woman from Michigan married to an Aussie. I think I've made another friend who I'll see in church next week! On Sunday afternoon, Celina and I did a little project together. While at Paddington Market, she got a handmade, bound and painted journal that she'll use for scrapbooking. To go with her new journal, she wanted a case to carry her drawing pencils and pens. At Spotlight we purchased a ready-made placemat that we turned into the perfect case.

First, we cut off several inches of the height of the placemat, and resewed that edge. We folded up about an inch along the bottom of the placemat to make a pocket. Then, we measured pencil and pen sizes and at intervals, sewed vertical lines through black elastic layed across the width of the placemat.

To finish, on the front side of the placemat we added a piece of wide ribbon, sewing it to the middle of the case.
Celina is very happy with her new journal and matching pencil case. Me too!


  1. Those are the things that your grand children will always remember - the fun time spent together. Glad to see all is well.

  2. You're such a good grandma! The case for her art pencils is more than just a case - it's a memory she will treasure forever. Look at the big smile on her!

  3. What a lovely thing for the two of you to do together. She is going to inherit such a love of creating things from you, Linda! It seems a shame to take you away from this precious shared time with the family.

  4. Sounds like you are having such a pleasant time together! And the pencil case for Celina is lovely!


  5. It looks like your having a ball on holiday and being a wonderful Grandma making all these wonderful things.

  6. I am just so amazed at your "dead easy" pencil roll, made from a placemat! How clever are you to have thought of this? Now when I go to Spotlight, I shall look for cheap placemats in order to make up some of these pencil rolls!

    I am so pleased that you are having a great time visiting your family in Australia. Do enjoy the rest of your time here ...


    Bern in Caloundra, Australia



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