Wednesday, April 14, 2010

U-Pink Travel Neck Pillow

A couple days ago I made this travel pillow for neck support during the long flight from San Francisco to Sydney.

The pillow is 12" (30 cm) across and 13" (33 cm) from back to front.

It's two pieces of Minkee - this mottled pink on one side, and a solid hot pink on the other side. No one will mistake it for their own!

I serged three layers together:
Minkee; interfacing to stabilize the Minkee; and polyester batting.

Then, with Minkee right sides together, I sewed around the inside and outside perimeters, leaving an opening on the outside for turning inside out. It's stuffed with polyester fiberfill, and the opening is hand-stitched closed.

Hopefully, I'll have comfortable, pink dreams all the way to Oz.


  1. Minkee?! That is genius! I have one at home from Target or Bed, bath and Beyond that's boring white, I am so going to cover it with Minkee! Safe travels!

  2. How nice! I love the cheerful and bright pink color! Have a nice time on your trip!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

    P.S. Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog-such a blessing to me!

  3. Linda, wish you a safe trip to Australia!

  4. Oh, I bet that is nice and comfy and you definitely won't lose it being hot pink. Have a great trip.

  5. This pillow will make your trip much more comfortable and maybe it will keep the collywobbles at bay. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bit of a conversation starter during your trip. Have a safe journey.

  6. What a great idea! You're a smart lady. And minkee is just so unbelievably soft.



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