Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday Flaunt - More Candied Hexagons

It's a good thing I had lots of time for handwork during my flights to Australia! Family has captured all my attention since I arrived in Oz last Friday morning. But certainly traveling is the best for handwork! Just pop in iPod earbuds for a listen to a good book and pick up your hand project. Hand sewing while waiting at airport gates and sitting through interminably-long flights... a bit of heaven.

One of these row pairs came with me to Aus, already joined. The other two joined pairs of rows were stitched over US western skies and the Pacific Ocean! Interestingly, Kerry Dear, whose Candied Hexagons pattern instructions I'm following, has you sew together a row of hexies, then join a second row of hexies to the first. Makes complete sense.
Then, she says to put down those two rows and pick up another row of hexies to join and add a second row to. So it's pairs of rows for now. After row pairs are made, they're stitched to one another.

Perhaps Kerry was also traveling when she decided to assemble the quilt top this way. It's lap size hand-piecing - just the right size.
Please pop by the Stitchin' Mission blog for a look at my Thursday afternoon activity. It was wonderful. I am blessed to have such very special friends in Australia.


Lindi said...

Linda, it looks gorgeous! I just love the colours and the designs are pulling together beautifully.

Elyte said...

You are one very busy lady. Your Stitching Mission gathering looked warm and welcoming and the food looked delicious.

Janet said...

It's looking gorgeous Linda, I love the colours. Is this one earmarked for anyone?

Carrie P. said...

I just love those blocks.

KaHolly said...

WOW! I am loving this! I have a bag of hexies with me right now as I travel. But nothing quite so fancy!


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