Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Table Runner

Here's a newly sewn table runner made from a nice border stripe. The pattern is the same as one I used previously to make two placemats. Sorry, but the free pattern is no longer available on Timeless Treasures' website. 

And in other happenings...For the second time, I made pavlova, a traditional Australian dessert. I topped it with strawberries and kiwi - passionfruit isn't available here. My quilting group, the Batting Buds was here last evening and tried pav for the first time. Of course they liked it! Next thing you know, we'll all be speaking with a lovely Aussie accent! 

Today we've had an unseasonably warm (54F - 12C) and sunny winter day. Instead of sewing, my VW Bug got a good wash and vacuum. And wouldn't you's supposed to rain Thursday.  

1 comment:

  1. What a shame that pattern is no longer looks interesting and I have a few border patterns ...kept for just

    I can always send you a tin of passionfruit.
    About a third the size of a can of coke.
    Thinner and shorter.


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