Monday, March 2, 2009

String Piecing and Rollin' Along

Saturday was a sewing day at Lutheran Church of Hope for Hope Quilters and quilters from other churches. We began with a color lesson, learning about a color wheel. Then, I shared how to string piece blocks... I have lots of experience with that now! (See previous days' photos.)

Hope Quilters has several
bins of donated quilting cotton, and stringing is not only a stash-reducer, but it's fun! Several quilters have already told me, "I can't stop stringing!" (Do we need a new support group?) Andrea (at right) sure looks pleased with her block, doesn't she? We hope to receive several wonderful new mission quilts from everyone's efforts.

Today I cut out and pieced several Turnstile blocks. Decided to try my "new" manual presser, roller. It's an old wallpaper seam roller, and it works great! Really even better than a wooden presser which can pull and distort fabric grain. The roller just rolls over the seams. (duh) Another great quilting gadget that isn't found in a quilt shop. 

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