Friday, February 6, 2009

Pin Cushions

Well, I can finally share this picture...Here are pin cushions I made a couple weeks ago. Each "Handy Dandy Pincushion" is made on top of a golf tee. Just sit it in the center of a thread spool.My sincere thanks to Letti in Hawaii who has this excellent pin cushion tutorial on her blog: Polka Dot Pineapple (isn't that a cute name?) If you visit Lettie's blog, be sure to check out her other fun tutorials as well.

I couldn't share earlier because some of the pin cushion recipients might nose in here, and these are table favors at a Saturday brunch where we're quilting retreat this weekend. Nine of us quilting friends - the Batting Buds (because it's what's inside that counts!) - will sew together, and assuredly have a great time. Retreating with like-minded, quilting-minded friends is the best place to be while our Iowa winter continues to do what it will.


  1. I hope all your gal pals enjoy the pincushions!! Have fun at your brunch this weekend.

  2. Linda, these pincushions are cute! Really nice and I never have seen them, but love them.


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