Saturday, February 14, 2009

String Buster Days

"Stringing" (no, not stringy) is my favorite quilt word these days. I've been on this kick for a few weeks and can't seem to stop. It's that German, frugal thing again.

Here's a quilt top I made for free! Though throughout the quilt top I wanted solid black "sashing" (it's really the center strip of each block), after using up all my solid black, I switched--and used up!--two other black tone-on-tone prints. This 64" X 80" quilt top cost me nothing...except time. More time will be needed for quilting. Hmm? Think I should free-motion quilt an all over design?
In case you'd like to bust your stash too, I recommend Bonnie Hunter's great "String Piecing Primer" on her website Because this particular pattern means handling bias edges, I sewed all of it with a walking foot. When the quilt top is complete, use a walking foot to stitch the outside edge of the quilt top too. It gives the top more stability.

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