Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Village

I recently completed this happy village, 16" X 16" wall hanging. I hope you agree that it looks like what we imagine as Jerusalem, or another Middle Eastern city. Of course, a village like this wouldn't be complete without a couple palm trees which, after the machine-quilting was complete, I machine-appliqued on top of a tulle overlay.

Instructions are in Karen Eckmeier's book, "Happy Villages," which I purchased from Quilting Books Unlimited.


  1. Linda, this is exquisite! You must have worked with such tiny, tiny pieces too. Congratulations on a superb job! I was in Israel last October (, and this brings back so many precious memories.
    Cheers, Di

  2. Linda, you did a really good job and I remember exactly when you bought this pattern and you haven't been sure if you should or should not and now the quilt is already finished. Congratulations.

  3. Whoops. I came over to see your Happy Village quilt but can't find it today. I would have loved to have seen a Happy Village that looks like Jerusalem!


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