Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Basted Day

Here's the "String-X" quilt top I made following Bonnie Hunter's wonderful free pattern at I'm just tickled with this colorful, 54" X 68" quilt sewn entirely from scraps and stash fabrics. 

Since I machine quilt on a Bernina QE 153 sewing machine, I chose to make today get-ready-to-quilt day. I made backings, and sandwiched and basted two quilts. Though basting isn't my favorite part of quiltmaking, it does help to have a large surface for pin-basting, and happily, I do. I have two, old, hollow-core sliding doors, that when butted together and laid across sawhorses, give me a 72" X 79" surface. 

Here are the two quilts I basted.

I pin-baste using a Kwik Klip and 1" safety pins -- not the curved ones because I've been making quilts for so long, the curved ones weren't even thought of yet! I bet you can guess what I'll be doing next. Yep, machine quilting.

While I was pin-basting my personal chef who happens also to be my DH, prepared beer can chicken. Here's the chicken, seasoned and ready for the outdoor Weber charcoal grill. The outdoor temperature was 20 degrees, (-6 C) but am I ever glad DH enjoys grilling year-'round! This chicken tasted awesome!


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  2. I did stop to wonder what that chicken was.

    You are a noble soul doing all that basting.
    I hate it. Loathe it and spray baste when I do. I used the curved safety pins on a quilt a while has just been sitting there and I have worked out that I have not put borders on the quilt......what a nut I am.!!
    So maybe the pins will be undone and thrown to the birds.


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