Friday, October 12, 2018

Wedge Quilts

Since watching Christina Cameli's "Wedge Quilts Go Modern" Modern Quilt Guild Webinar in July 2015 (MQG members can watch it here), I have been intrigued by the variety of designs that are possible with wedges, whether they're 9-degree or 10-degree angles.

When Christina's Wedge Quilt Workshop book came out early this year, I was the first to get a copy and start imagining what I might do with wedges.

I already owned a 9-degree ruler, purchased back in the 1980s and used to make one wedge quilt that has since been donated (and for which I have no photo), and I started playing around with solids.

In March I blog-posted about my first experimentations. So many possibilities! And then recently posted about this 52" X 69" quilt finish: "Roulette." 
"Roulette," 52" X 69"
My "Spin Art" quilt started back in March, during Painter's Palette's "Inspired by Fabric: Mad for Solids." I blogged about quilting Spin Art here, but haven't shared finished pictures until now. 
Spin Art, 66" X 66"

I'm grateful to have a quilt-y neighbor-friend, Becky, who will drop just about everything to hold a quilt so I can take a styled shot. 

This past Monday evening I shared a "Wedges Go Modern" presentation with members of Central Florida MQG. I gave all credit to Christina for expanding the wedges concept. I used photos from the MQG webinar and Christina's blog to accompany my own photos as I reviewed the wedge-sewing process. My program was well-received, and I was tickled to get a few comments and follow-up emails about it. I hope to see some of our members trying a quilt design with wedges. We have Christina's book in our chapter library, so hopefully it will be put to good use. 

As for me, I'm not "over" wedges yet. Linda


  1. An amazing quilt. The quilting is awesome, too.

  2. I absolutely love your new quilt. It's a such a happy, delightful quilt x

  3. Linda, Your Spin Art quilt is so special. I love the colors in it and the way the paint chips are spinning off the central motif. I reminded me of flicking my paintbrush trying to get the excess paint out of it! (I am doing a lot of outside house painting right now)! Your quilting is so appropriate for it too. Congrats on another winning example of your talents.

  4. Linda, your wedge quilt is one my favorites that you have made. LOVE IT!! Is there a Craftsy class that goes along with the wedge ruler? I am tempted to try this!

  5. Oh, WOWSERS! I just love this quilt, and love the final touches of quilting you've given it, with "connecting" the flying pieces to the idea of spinning. You have done a brilliant job in execution of colors, and shapes and quilting. Congratulations!!

  6. Fun when we find a new technique to try and just get carried away with it! Your quilt is lovely!! For some reason I didn't realize it was SO big!!

  7. I’m certain your presentation was awesome! And I’m even more certain everyone was in awe of your creative genius. Christina is one of my favorites and I know she must be very pleased with how you’ve embraced her concepts and shared the wealth!

  8. Wish I could have attended your presentation. Bet it was very informative. Each time I see Spin Art I think again that the quilting your chose is just perfect. I remember you had other ideas that were more complicated but I honestly think what you did is far better. The simplicity really captures the spinning feel.


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