Sunday, October 7, 2018

Two-Color Quilt

I've been working on a mental list (I'm not a paper-and-pen list-writer) of quilts that I wanted to complete by particular dates. Several are QuiltCon entries.

So, having recently completed those to-dos, I was time to decide whether or not to enter the MQG's American Patchwork and Quilting Two-Color Challenge. All QuiltCon entries are due November 30.

Maintaining my resolve to NOT purchase fabric in 2018, I limited myself to choosing fabrics on hand. I have a decent stash to work with, but don't have enough yardage of any particular pieces to make a large quilt.

I narrowed the two colors to orange ("Always add orange," right?) and white (I bought a 10-yard bolt of white earlier this year, and it's more than half gone), and proceeded to do a little designing. You'd think that I'd open EQ8 to design, but I had an idea in my head, and didn't have a clue how to go about using EQ8 to implement it! I am more familiar with Pages software, the Mac equivalent of Microsoft Word, so that's what I used to design this.

Having recently purchased all five widths of Clover Bias Tape makers, I thought to use all the sizes in a design. Of course, after cutting out fabrics, and putting them on my design wall, I moved around around strips and bias tapes to end up with this. It's about 36" X 48". I wasn't able to use the widest bias tape - 2" wide - because I couldn't get it to lay flat around a circle. 

The background is pieced, of course. Circles and bias tape are machine appliquéd on top using a straight stitch and Mettler Transfil Monofilament (invisible) thread. After appliquéing, I cut away the excess layers on the back, including the background behind the bias tape.

Fabrics are a Kaufman print, "Spot On Wide" that perfectly matches white and burnt orange Painter's Palette Solids. Batting is Quilter's Dream Select Cotton. 

I'm big stitch hand quilting with DMC #8 perle cotton. But because I had only white DMC on hand, that's all I've been able to quilt so far. After checking at three local stores for DMC burnt orange (color 946), I had to place an online order ( that will arrive Tuesday. 

These circle templates have been invaluable for marking circles for quilting. I use a Hera marker to make the marked crease. 

Not sure yet if I'll quilt the bias tape. If I do, I'm thinking about stitching little "x's" on them. 

This is such relaxing handwork as I'm listening to audiobooks. Recent finishes were: The Wife by Meg Wolitzer, and The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox. Out of 5 stars, I'd give each of them 3.

I'm also reading a print book (not while I quilt though!) The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain, a story about Ernest Hemingway, and his wife.

Bet you can tell I've been doing my favorite happy things. Linda


  1. Love your circle piece! I'm in the process of incorporating my hex's in a circle/geometric design! I love the piece you did! Very cool!!

  2. What a fun design! Love the orange and white.

  3. What a wonderful combination of curves and straight lines. The circular hand quilting adds such detail. And, I agree, always add orange! ;)

  4. Oh, Linda, I’m in love yet again! Circles always attract my attention, but the way your imagination puts them together truly impresses me. I haven’t tried big stitch quilting on anything, as I haven’t made anything that has called out for it, but I can see how it could be relaxing. It’s a good thing you are a quilt maker because it certainly is your calling!

  5. Love those circles. Hand quilting is the perfect way to highlight them too. You're so good at setting goals and then accomplishing them. Hope all your entries get accepted.

  6. This is really pretty. You are hand stitching in the last two photos? It looks neat and tidy. Our library (probably every library these days) has many many audiobooks. I have never listened to audiobooks. I should try... especially while treadmilling. Gosh, sometimes I think listening to audiobooks could be appealing all day.... Wasn't last week hysterical. Lefties make me LOL
    Have a super fun week, Linda. So sick of the heat and humidity.

  7. Well done Linda. So clever and the hand quilting adds a great finish. Must try those books!

  8. Love those circles! What a great design!

  9. Now this one is fun! I guess that's what I see in your IG feed. What happy colors!


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