Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Finished Two-Color Challenge

At each QuiltCon (annual quilt show of the Modern Quilt Guild), usually two challenges are offered to members. One is a challenge using a particular fabric line, this year from Michael Miller, and the second is a challenge presented by American Patchwork and Quilting. Ironically, I once worked briefly as an editor for American Patchwork and Quilting magazine (2001-2002). Though that's not why I decided to participate in this year's AP&Q's challenge. I just liked the concept of creating a quilt with only two colors, which I've never done. The colors could be two solids. Or, print(s) could be used, but prints with only two colors. Fabrics such as Moda Grunge wouldn't work.

I know I've already blogged quite a bit about this quilt, but now it's finished.

Gosh, I had no idea how difficult it would be to capture the "right" color of that burnt orange! I had to use the manual settings of my Canon S100 camera to get the correct color.
O-O Orange, 34" X 45"
"O-O-Orange" was totally inspired by the circle print and my desire to use different sizes of Clover bias tape makers. The size is small size, 34" X 45", because that's the quantity of fabric I had to work with. Remember, 2018 is my year of no fabric-buying.

Solid fabrics are Painter's Palette Solids - white and burnt orange. The print is Kaufman's Spot On, with #8 DMC pearl/perle cotton used for hand quilting all of it. There's no domestic machine quilting in this, and I loved every moment of big stitch quilting by hand.

I ghost-quilted a few circles.

This is my favorite circle.

I hand quilted the binding too!

First I machine-sewed binding to the quilt front as I usually do, trimmed the edges, and hand-sewed it to the back of the quilt. Then, I added the decorative hand stitching!

So, the binding isn't really secured by the hand quilting, though that's originally what I thought I would do. What I realized is that to hand quilt the binding in place on the front, I would need to machine sew binding to the quilt back first! Since I never trim the quilt edges first, I didn't have any way to guide where to attach binding from the back.

Every binding stitch was taken... One. At. A. Time. The good 'ole poke-stab hand quilting method.

QuiltCon is so competitive that having ONE quilt accepted is a big deal. At least, it is for me. So, for QuiltCon 2019 I'm hedging my bets and entering six quilts into the show, hoping one of them is accepted. As I have experienced in the past, it's more meaningful to attend a popular quilt show knowing I have a quilt on display.

QuiltCon entrants will find out in mid- to late December whether their quilts (including challenge quilt entries) have been accepted... or not. Quilters who have quilts that are not accepted usually repost Instagram pictures of them with the hashtag #quiltconrejects.

Receiving that "sorry" email, learning that a quilt isn't accepted in the show is tough to accept. I don't like to remember how I know the way that feels. Linda


  1. Whether it gets accepted or not, I think it is gorgeous!

  2. Linda, your quilt is eye-catching, uplifting, fun and I'm sure meticulously stitched. I do hope it's accepted into Quiltcon, but if not (and we both know how many quilts are entered!) it won't be a reflection on your ability, and I hope you can still feel proud of a beautifully designed and made quilt.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to hear if it is accepted. It is GORGEOUS! I didn't know you used to be a magazine editor! That sounds like a LOT of work! I bet it cut into your quilting time a lot, didn't it? :)

  4. Terrific Quilt! and I love that sunny Florida orange! I'm impressed with all your detail work, the hand stitching, and the unique and unusual design. My fingers are crossed that it will be accepted!

  5. Linda, thise is a super happy happy quilt and I love it. I adore the stitching (did you do this during church, or tv? or what other tedious activity, like getting an implant lol)
    I just love it. If you get in, that would be great, but if not, you know that you were competing with the best ❤️

  6. Your hand quilting on this quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Well, the whole quilt is beautifully done, here's hoping the selection committee agrees.

  7. LInda, this little quilt is magnificent! Your vision never ceases to astound me. Best of luck on your entries into QuiltCon. This little beauty is definitely a winner, whether it’s accepted or not!

  8. This is really lovely, Linda, with so much attention to detail! I sure hope it gets in so I can see it up close and personal. I think you met the challenge well!

  9. The big stitch quilting was the perfect finishing impact on the overall charm of your creation.

  10. Your attention to all the details is amazing Linda. The big stitch quilting really makes it. Well done. Hope it gets in the show.

  11. This is a wonderful quilt Linda, and so very ‘you ‘!!! I love that you hand quilted it!!! Good luck with all your submissions. I certainly have my fingers crossed for you!!

  12. Well, I have been consistently rejected by QuiltCon, which leads me to believe that my aesthetic does not align with theirs. And that's OK. I love your orange quilt!

    1. Hi Mary! (You're a "no-reply commenter" so I'm responding here.) Believe me when I say I understand your frustration (?) with QuiltCon! As much as I completely admire and want to make the modern aesthetic, it IS extremely difficult to understand how to achieve it to suit the jury. And as the jury changes for each QuiltCon, it's a moving target! Thank you for loving my orange quilt. I already have a plan for it when it's rejected. :-)

  13. I love the way this turned out. Best of luck with your entries. I hope you get more than 1 accepted.


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