Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I Presented! And I'm Quilting.

The past several days were fairly busy. On Saturday, I helped members of our Central Florida MQG make badge holders. That was fun, and kept me on my toes too!

On Monday I went to Ormond Beach, about 1 hour 45 minutes east of us - Atlantic side of Florida - to Racing Fingers Quilt Guild. Their 60-plus members requested a program on modern quilting, and I was happy to fill the bill. Plans were made back in February.

"What is Modern Quilting?" is a 93-slide presentation that begins with how the modern quilting movement began, from social media, and fabrics to aesthetics and techniques seen in modern quilts. Of course, I talked about QuiltCon too, and what a great show it is. Gosh, it's easy to share with quilters what I'm enthused about.

Following my presentation, I gave a trunk show with 12 of my modern quilts. I could have taken along a lot more quilts, but I was cognizant of staying within my allotted one-hour time frame!

It was nice to have a reason to see some of these quilts again. They are usually stored in pillowcases the top of our closet!

This is "Ad Libbing," made by Lora Douglas and me in 2014. It was juried into QuiltCon 2015 in Austin, Texas, and received third place at the Daytona Beach AQS show in 2016.

"Shapes" is a favorite, made for the QuiltCon 2015 Bias Tape Challenge. It too was juried into the show. Both "Ad Libbing" and "Shapes" are double-batted with Quilter's Dream polyester and wool. They're both domestic machine quilted by me.

It was nice to share several of my most recent finishes too. This one is "Spin Art," inspired by Christina Cameli, and made with Painter's Palette Solids using a 9 degree ruler.

What better audience to see my Florida quilt?!  By the way, see how the photographer captured me in this photo? The halo? (It's probably an air vent.) Proof that I really am an angel!

It's a lot of work to prep for a program, but definitely worth it! I talked with several quilters who were very interested in modern and asked many questions. One of them later commented on my Instagram feed, "Thanks for coming. I think I'm a modern quilter and I didn't even know it!" Ahhh... that's music to my ears.

At home, I've continued to hand quilt. The timing of this quilt has worked out well as my Bernina was picked up Tuesday for servicing. Yes you heard that right. A tech comes to my house to pick up my Bernina, and then delivers it when it's done!

So this is progress over the past few days. All the circles are hand quilted now.

Currently I'm finishing-up straight line quilting in the vertical strips of the background.

The quilt will end up about 36" X 48". A nice size for a baby gift. I've begun to ponder a name for all those burnt orange and white circles. I've come up with "O-O Orange."

Once the binding is machine-sewn to the quilt top, I plan to do this (below). See the hand-stitched binding? Hand quilting to secure the binding seems appropriate for this particular quilt, don't ya think?

CREDIT: The above picture is from ShannonFraserDesigns Instagram feed, and am sharing it with her permission. She has some pretty stuff if you'd like to check out her blog too

Now I want to leave you with a funny. One of my students shared this with me a long time ago, and I came across it again. It's a classic, to share with your quilt-y sew-y friends.
I said to him:
"I don't ever want to be kept alive, dependent on a machine and fluids from a bottle."
He got up, unplugged my Bernina, and poured out all my wine.


  1. It’s nice that you enjoy sharing! I could never get up and do a presentation. O-O Orange is just darling, Linda. You’re very lucky to have you machine picked up and returned for service. I have to drive over an hour to take mine in! Speaking of machine maintenance, I took my bobbin casing apart today to check to see if there might be a little piece of thread stuck in there, and had a little leftover spring when I put it all back together. Seems to be stitching all right, so far, anyway. (Wish I hadn’t done that!)

  2. I'm loving the hand quilting you are doing on the red and white circles! The hand quilted binding looks like a perfect finish! Congratulations on your presentation, you look very relaxed and happy!

  3. What a fun post. Yay for your sharing your program and your quilts. I'm sure it was all very inspiring!

  4. hahaha, I love your finish!!!!! You are an amazing quilt artist. All your modern quilts are gorgeous and the hand quilting on O O Orange is fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing and again, loved the ending :^)

  5. Thank you for sharing all those gorgeous quilts, they are so inspiring!

    1. Thank you for your lovely compliment. I'm happy they inspire you!

      I hope you see that I've responded to you here, as you're a "no-reply commenter." Linda

  6. What a wonderful opportunity and I know the quilters of Ormond Beach benefited from your talent and expertise. And doesn't it feel good to get our quilts out and about occasionally? That reminds me- a fun day trip for you and some of your quilting group might be a visit to the Florida Quilt Museum in Trenton. Our quilt study group has a display there (I have several vintage quilts in it). It's always fun to see how some of the antique quilts were "modern" in their innovative designs without even intending to! Also, our Fiber Art Bee group has a display in another area of the museum of our art quilts and fiber projects. (I've got some in that ehxibit as well.) It's a lovely facility, and there's the quilt shop and cafe for shopping and lunch. Displays are on until December. Let your guild members know if you would- the museum would welcome lots more visitors

  7. Good for you getting out there to educate and inspire other quilters about modern quilting. Your orange and white circles are looking so good. One of these days maybe I'll try hand quilting too. We had a guild presentation on big stitching that was very inspiring.

  8. Look at all these beautiful finishes, Linda! So inspiring! And thrilled to hear you're spreading the word about modern quilting and encouraging others to give it a go! Can't wait to see your O-O Orange quilt finished up :)

    1. Hi Shannon! Thanks for your comment! You are a "no-reply commenter," so I can't respond to you personally.

      Thank you for your compliments! I love sharing modern quilting with others, and wish I had the opportunities to do it more. I'm excited for a finish to this O-O Orange quilt too (Is that name okay for the quilt?). Once it's done, I'll happily have made and entered all the quilts the I have planned for QuiltCon. Then it's the waiting game, until December, to see if one (hoping) might be accepted into the show in Nashville, next February. Any chance you're going to QuiltCon 2019?


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