Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Spy a Finish

This quilt is a birthday gift for our grandson, Austin, who turned two years old on May 6. Yes, it will be a little late, but his mom and I agreed that it will be more fun to give it to him in person, when we get to Florida. We'll be there next Monday, and begin house-hunting on Tuesday.

Seventy, 5-inch (unfinished) I Spy blocks are in this 47" X 56-1/2" quilt.

It's nice to have it finished while in Kansas City because I can borrow our grandsons' backyard playground for my photo setting.

The double loop quilting design was shared by Emma at SampaguitaQuilts. Her blog is one I enjoy following because she comes up with great designs that she quilts on her home sewing machine. 

In Austin's quilt you'll note pink flamingos,

 a pirate and a tortoise (on the right),

the state of Florida, and an alligator (part of it at the top) - a few of the blocks that make me think of Florida. 

The emergency vehicles print is a perfect backing for any little boy quilt. As I was hand-sewing down the binding, Tay and Aesa were way more interested in finding the fire engines, police cars, and ambulances on the quilt back, than looking for anything on the front! I hope Austin likes it that much too.

Before moving, I made a label (Here's how I use Printed Treasures) so it would be ready when the quilt was finished. This will be the last label I'll ever sew to a quilt with "West Des Moines, Iowa" printed on it.

Just because I can share, here are my latest pictures of grandies.
Tay and Aesa
The weather has been as marvelous as it looks in all these pictures. With daytime temps in the mid to upper 70s, clear blue skies, and grandchildren to hang out with, how much better can it get?

Well, it can get a little better! Thursday and Friday will be fun days. Thursday it's the Machine Quilter's Showcase. I've already been texted a photo of one of my quilts that's on display. At that show I'll also be seeing friends from West Des Moines. Yay! How great is that? I moved two weeks ago and I'm getting a Iowa friends-fix!

Then Friday is quilt market. I've checked out the list of vendors here so I can look up friends and acquaintances from across the US and Australia. I'll also hand out business cards to anyone who might have a need for a freelance writer, editor or proofreader. Umm. Those business cards are mine, and I'm the freelancer. Linda


Lorraine said...

Cute quilt......say hi to Gail and Linda when you catch up with them at disappointed I couldn't be there!!

leanne said...

what a fabulous quilt and how special to be able to give it to him in person - sounds like its been fun to catch up with the grandkids and great that you'll have some in florida as well - have fun at the quilt show and travelling to florida :)

Karen said...

The quilt is wonderful - he will love it! Have fun - going to those events is on my wish list!!

sandra said...

What a beautiful quilt, your grandson will have hours of fun with it and it will always be special to him. Oh I wish I could go to Quilt Market with you that is big on my wish list. have fun and safe drive to Florida onto next part of your journey. Blessings Sandra


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