Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Couple More Good-byes

My friends made it SO hard to leave West Des Moines!

Tuesday morning was the last time I spent with this group of dear Christian friends. We first got to know each other about five years ago when we were in a Beth Moore Bible study. We've continued to meet Tuesday mornings for every Bible series offered. These gals have lately been my "Jonah Girls" as we've studied the book of Jonah with Priscilla Shirer. They will be sorely missed.
Back, L-R: Miriam, Suzi, Nancy
Front, L-R: Vicky, Shannon, Jan, Dawn
Emily couldn't stay for the photo.
On Wednesday, it took a little more than three hours to finish packing, and then load the 17-foot U-Haul truck. It couldn't have done it without the the help of three very special friends. Thank you Scott, Craig and Lola!

That evening at about 6:30, six of my besties - the Batting Buds - showed up with their bag chairs, snacks, and wine! We sat on the back deck and had a fabulous time chatting and laughing which made it all the more difficult to say good-bye. Again. For the third time. We didn't want to part company. Two of them stayed until midnight!
Norma, Michelle, Susan
Lola and Bug
The closing went smoothly at 2 p.m. today. The young couple (age 33) who bought our house have two small children. I couldn't have asked for a more lovely family to live here, and raise their daughter and son, just like we did. How sweet it was to get a hug from her, and hear her say they would take good care of the house. It was an extremely emotional moment, and she seemed to understand.

Leaving West Des Moines after almost 23 years in the same house... it wasn't easy. Tears flowed, just as I expected. Now we're with our daughter Jill for a couple weeks before heading to The Villages to begin a house-hunt. On Friday we're unloading the U-Haul truck into her garage. It's good to be with family, especially grandies, when you're feeling sad. Linda


  1. So glad that you had good help and an impromptu party to send you off.Everything has gone so smoothly and the next leg of your adventure will be sooooo much fun! I know that this must be really hard though. Keep looking ahead!

  2. I'm trying to put myself in your place. It must be really hard. Adventures ahead. And grandchildren make EVERYTHING better!

  3. You've had a wonderful month of good byes! I'm so glad that the family you sold your house to realize just how much it meant to you and promised to take care of it. I know you left a little bit of your family will always be there!

  4. What a group of wonderful friends you have to help ease you into your next great adventure! Aren't you just amazed at how everything falls into place just the way it was meant to be according to His plan? I'm so excited to read about what happens next Linda!

  5. Linda, you will definitely be missed in Iowa, but I know you have a lot of wonderful memor9ies yet to make where you're headed!

  6. glad to hear the closing when as planned. that is so sweet to know that you have a couple in your home that will take care of it and love it like you did. God be with you when you go to Fl. to find a new home.

  7. Oh I can feel your sadness too. How hard it must be to leave behind a home with so many happy memories, and such dear friends who will obviously miss you very much. A little interlude with Jill and the children sounds perfect at a time like this. Hugs and prayers as you regroup for the next stage.xx

  8. Oh Linda...spending some time with Jill and your beautiful grandies will ease the pain in your heart a bit.....did everything fit into the truck?? I am sure it were very organised. The impromptu party on the deck sounds like fun! Take care and I look forward to reading about the next leg of your move!



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