Monday, May 21, 2012

From There to Here

The past five days have been a whirlwind of activities and emotions. I've been alternately crying, grinning, moping, laughing, and crying again.

Your comments on my last post have been so generously kind! Thank you doesn't begin to express how I am feeling about everyone's congratulations. But still I say, thank you, every one of you, for them! Your long-distance hugs and pats on the back mean the world to me.

As a courtesy, I like to reply to every comment, but the sheer quantity of your kind remarks, coupled with recent activities, make answering downright impossible. Responses to a few of your comments and questions are:
  • I didn't know the Machine Quilter's Showcase (MQS) had an awards ceremony. According to MQS staffers, I would have known about it if I'd read my show catalog.
  • I didn't know there was a show catalog! Apparently when you register online, you don't get one.
  • No, MQS does not notify winners that they should attend the awards ceremony. If I had known, I would definitely have been there.
  • After I attempt to get these two quilts juried into one more quilt show, they'll come back to me for good. I'm pretty sure Snowflake will be on the guest bed.
  • The new Bernina 440 is safely stored at our daughter's house, until it can be moved to Florida. Same goes for the thread.
  • Since I have a new Bernina, my friend Doris (see her picture below) is buying my 1976 Bernina 830 Record, the machine I've been sewing on. Yay!
  • When MQS ended and I picked up my quilts, I was pleasantly surprised to not only receive paper copies of the judges scores but also a small jump drive with audio comments! These are the most comprehensive critiques I've ever received.
jump drive
Last Friday, on the heels of the MQS show, I had the thrill of attending quilt market. I've been to market a couple times before, but this time was different. I hung out with friends Carla and Cindy who met each other for the first time last week.
Carla (Lollyquiltz); Cindy (LiveAColorfulLife); me; Doris (MadebyaBrunnette)
I have to say that the timing for the MQS wins couldn't have been better. When I then went to market, I was able to give my personal thanks to the Australian designers of both quilts!

Beautiful Emma Jansen owns Ballarat Patchwork, and was helping her friend in the Melly & Me booth. Emma designed my Best of Show "Snowflake Medallion" among other fabulous designs. She was happy for my win and promptly gave me a copy of her latest pattern "Harlequin Stars." She said, "Win again!" Ha!

Adorable Kellie Wulfsohn of Don't Look Now, designed my second place winner, "Life is a Celebration: Nature." We'd never met previously, but on one of my trips to Australia I took along four yards of a tone-on-tone white fabric she wanted and mailed it to her on my arrival. In return, she sent me a bag pattern and its accessory kit.

Kellie's gorgeous raw-edged applique work is stunning! This is her new design, "Jessie." Kellie quilts on a Sweet Sixteen... and she has four young children. 

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to introduce myself to these Aussies and hear, "Oh Linda!" followed by a warm hug. It was like we were long-time friends. 

It was the same when I met the lovely Long ladies in the marie-madeline studio booth. I just happened to be wearing one of their skirt patterns: Route 66. I met Achaia and Apphia in their booth.

The rest of the family found me, no doubt by my telltale skirt - grandmother Sandy; mother Kristie; Abiah and Abigail. Sandy and I had a good chat about Sandy's last name being Kingery, and my maiden name, Kingrey.

But enough pictures of me! Here are a few other views of market booths and quilts.

Anna Marie Horner booth

"Shore Thing" fabric collection by Emily Herrick

Pat Bravo, Art Gallery Fabrics
As if MQS and market weren't enough excitement, a quilt I quilted appears in the latest issue of ScrapQuilts magazine.

I FMQed this for my friend Kris who works at Fons and Porter.

Kris named the quilt "It's Easy Being Green."

Believe it or not, I'm writing this post from The Villages, Florida. 

We left Kansas City early Sunday morning. Along the way I shed copious tears - the real thing. These were tears that had accumulated from leaving Iowa a little more than two weeks ago, and now leaving our daughter and her family. The tears are probably also from so much of our future being unknown.

On Monday afternoon we arrived in The Villages to a very hot 92 degrees (32C). We'll stay in this two-bedroom patio villa while we house-hunt.

 We've stocked the kitchen, and unpacked our belongings to settle in for the next four weeks. 

Too many exciting happenings in a short amount of time. As wonderful as it all is, it's draining. It's also downright surreal. I wonder when life will start feeling normal again. Linda


  1. Goodness, Linda, what a rollercoaster you've been on. I'm not at all surprised that the tears flowed. I hope you can finally relax a little, even though shopping for your new home, and just adjust to your new surroundings. I'm sure you will be making new friends in a very short time - as you do everywhere you go!

  2. My goodness, you are on a roll ;). Lovely seeing all the quilts from the show and especially Kellie's new quilt. I've already heard about it, but not seen a picture yet. It's absolutely stunning, isn't it. Did you get the pattern?

  3. I'm exhausted just reading of all your adventures Linda. Sounds like you had a great time. As for life getting back to normal, it won't, you will find a new normal in your new life, & it will be wonderful. I looked online at the Villages, WOW, how I'd love to live there. I don't think there is anything like it here in Oz.

  4. I've been thinking of you while I knew you were driving to Florida. I'm sure it must have been a trip full of emotions, happy and sad. I can't believe (okay, since it's you, I can)that you are settled in already. The rental house looks great. I wish you a fun time with your house search and hope you are taking some time to relax. Thanks for keeping those who follow your blog and hold you as a dear friend informed. Love the market pictures. Makes me want to flee my office and run home to my machine!

  5. What a pleasure to hang out with you for a whole day! I can't believe you are in Florida already. The best part was to kind of bask in the glow surrounding you after winning your well-deserved prizes for those beautiful quilts! I'm so glad you were able to meet the wonderful pattern designers too.

  6. Thanks for the catch up post, I've thought about you so many times. I wish TV was closer to Pensacola. Maybe sometime you'll have to take a trip to the Panhandle. Loved the pictures of market - some of those quilts are amazing. Good luck with house hunting.

  7. Linda I know the emotions you've experienced these last few weeks and months have completely drained you. But never fear, the adrenaline will kick in as you house hunt and you'll be ready to go in no time. I know it was hard to leave but I also know God has a plan for you and He will lead you in the direction you need to go. Relax and enjoy it! blessings, marlene

  8. Linda you are certainly starting the next part of your life on a well deserved high. You must feel like you are floating on a cloud but also mixed in there must be some sad feelings of leaving your old life. Get a few days of rest before you start on that house search and I just know that perfect place is waiting for you. God always has a plan for us.. Blessings Sandra

  9. How wonderful! I am just now reading about your wins and am so happy for you. I think it is terrible that you did not know about the awards ceremony, but am very thrilled for your art was acknowledged and the great prizes you won. Also congratulations on being published - my goodness, you are on a roll!

    Good luck in your new home (once you find it) and I wish you much success with your new machine.

  10. sounds like you had a fabulous time at quilt market and glad you've settled into the Villages :)

  11. Wow I can't believe you are finally here! I hope you are settling in and getting adjusted. I know you will not feel complete until you have your sewing space set up again. Good luck with your house hunt. Let me know when you want to meet in Ocala for lunch and shop hopping.



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