Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Selvage Purse

When I saw this selvage purse/tote on Julie's blog my first reaction was ooooh followed by the thought, "I'm not surprised I like it." It seems I always like the stuff Julie makes.

The purse design is by Jodie Carleton and appeared in Australian Homespun magazine, number 84, the "Go Green" issue. And off I went to make my own selvage purse. 

My purse is a little different than Julie's... or the instructions! Starting with selvages sewn to the foundation, mine run horizontally across the purse instead of vertically. I thought I had a lot of selvages collected until I started sorting through them looking for a variety of blues - words, and color windows - to coordinate with the denim purse flap and handles I upcycled from old blue jeans.

When I laid out the pattern pieces to cut the purse front and back, I had plenty of excess selvages to make my purse larger, so I did. It finished at 7" X 11", one inch taller and one inch wider than the pattern.
I added an inside pocket. Note my pretty white Maori fabric, purchased at Craft Depot in Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia.
And, I added a zipper in addition to the pattern's instructions for a magnetic flap closure. Ya don't want to tempt a pick-pocket, right? Not that I've ever encountered one.
I searched for just the right word for the selvage-covered button and could only come up with "style." I thought it would be neat to put my name there too but couldn't find any selvages with a fabric designer named "Linda."

Now if you're a Kathy, Carla, Brandon, Erin, Kaffe, Kari, Patrick, Ro, Tammy, Debi, Michele, Erika, Robert, Isadora, Jennifer or Valori - among others - you'll have no problem finding your selvage name!
How can that be? Every other person I know is named Linda! Do you have a famous selvage name?

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Di said...

Another triumph, Linda. What a cute and stylish bag. You are as drawn to the colour blue as I am to pink! Sadly I can't think of a selvedge with "Di" as designer.

Carla said...

Cute! And just in time for Florida....oh,how are you going to live without this cold and snow, my dear!!? I've never seen Carla on a selvage...serious? I'll be hunting for a Linda for you =)

Pokey said...

It's as stylish as you are, Linda! (I vote for gettin' out the Sharpie, it works for those signatures-!)
Really, you are good at this purse thing. (and there sits my purse pattern, better look at that again!)
Hugs, pokey

Jeanette said...

Very nice. Good way to use those selvedges. Hugs,

Patty said...

Your purse is darling. Maybe you should cut out the seperate letters for your name and glue them back together. Or pick a new name that you'd like to be called for awhile. LOL

bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

And then when your mother spells your name with a Y instead of an I you don't stand a chance. It isn't so bad now but when I was growing up no one could spell it. I guess I will never find a Lynda on a selvage either. I think the Sharpie idea is a good one. :)

Julie said...

Looking good Linda.....even if you don't have a fabric designer who shares your name!!!

Edith Bieri-Hanselmann said...

Love your bag. It is so fresh and young and stylish!

Sue said...

Great lookin bag. I love how it seems you just mosied over to the sewing room and put this together. :) I hope my life will be like that someday. I love your blog. Thanks!

Jenny said...

Wonderful bag, it looks great!

Micki said...

What a beautiful bag that is!

Carrie P. said...

Great bag! reminds me of the one I made last year.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I Love the bag, Linda!! We'll need to track down a fabric designer named Linda for you. ;-)
Jennifer (oops, yep, I have a name on a selvedge)


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