Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lightbulb Moment

Have you ever gone along with something because everyone else is doing it, and then surprised yourself to realize you don't want to do it?

That's the "brick" that recently hit me . In college, we called it a "lightbulb moment." It's when I admitted to myself that I really don't like hand applique.

Here's how it transpired.

A couple weeks ago I decided to go through my small bins of UFOs and really access what I had, and what my honest intentions are. Too smugly I thought I had about a dozen UFOs. I counted more than that and I still can't bring myself to  share the exact number with you. 

But what surprised me most was the number of hand applique projects I've begun and not finished. I accessed each one. That's when I had my lightbulb moment... when I was completely honest.  

I asked myself, "Honestly, Linda. Will you ever finish these?" To my surprise, I answered, "No, I don't particularly like hand applique."

But I do it, and with fairly good success. It's the prep work I don't care for... drawing templates, the cutting, glueing, layering, pressing, and basting required, depending on the method. I only like stitching.

This is a block of one found UFO.

I thought about what I could do with these UFOs, and decided the best thing would be to offer them to someone who enjoys applique. I'm happy to say that after asking, Carrie P. of A Passion for Applique (Goodness, she couldn't have a better blog name.) agreed to take them off my hands. I mailed a parcel to her and now feel exonerated. Carrie accepted two of my started and far-from-finished hand applique projects and I feel as light and as happy as can be. A good home... someone who appreciates and enjoys applique... how could I ask for more?

I have set aside several other UFOs to be given to just the right people. The UFOs I'm keep total 12, and I have every intention of finishing them. 

One of a couple hand-applique projects I'm keeping is this one. It's a pattern copied from an antique quilt purchased by a friend. The original quilt is in solid shades of purple and green. 

Mine is appliqued with solids: three values of yellow, and one solid green. These 16" blocks will be turned on point and connected by diagonal woven-looking, straight appliqued lines. I need 12 blocks to complete the quilt.  
Last week I spent four days in Kansas at our daughter's house. It's been since January 2 that I was there, and I needed a grandies fix. The grandies are doing very well and thankfully, are completely healthy.
16 month-old Tay on his new rocking horse, with Celina 
Tay in the rocking chair his Mommy once used
12 week-old Aesa who's recovered from bronchiolitis
It was wonderful to see them, and note how the boys are growing. That Tay is such a talker! When I first arrived at their house, Tay couldn't stop chattering with excitement. He pointed out my "glasses," my "nose," my "earrings" and my "necklace. Then, pointing at other items he said, "candle," "book," and "fire" (fireplace). Then he said "happy baby" referring to a made-up song that he likes to hear me sing. I felt such a crush of love for this smart little guy. Whenever a grandparent tells you how wonderful it is to have grandchildren... believe them! I never imagined I would have these feelings.

At home again, I've returned to hand applique because it's too darned cold (-7F/-22C Wednesday night) to be sewing in the basement. I'm continuing to applique leaves and flowers on the borders for my Periwinkle Star quilt. With a dog laying at my feet, how much cozier could I be?

On another, more serious note, I have been deeply moved to hear about the devastation that Cyclone Yasi wreaked on Australians along the northern coast of Queensland. Thankfully, I have heard from a blog-friend in the area of Charters Towers who made it through Yasi when it was "only" a category 3! My prayers and thoughts have been with them, as well as with all Australians who are reeling from weeks of too much rain, flooding, and now incredible, damaging winds. God bless you all.


Di said...

I can understand your dislike of the prep for hand applique, Linda. I'm ever searching for easier methods to streamline the process. Thank goodness you completed your beautiful Snowflake Medallion quilt before you had your lightbulb moment! On the other hand you must feel so free now that you've been relieved of a couple of UFOs. I have an unfinished Baltimore I'll simply never get back to - loathe the colours these days - maybe I should think about lightening my load too?.....Hmmmm

Di said...

And it's so great to see those happy little faces smiling because Nana has come to visit.

KaHolly said...

Linda, you may not 'like' to hand applique, but you certainly do it well! I still haven't decided if it's 'my thing' or not. I was glad to learn all is well in Charter's Towers, too. It's the first thing I checked into this morning when I awoke. Your grandbabies are beautiful children.~karen

Mayleen said...

I've always thought a fun thing to do with my UFOs would be to ship them off anonymously to unsuspecting quilting friends. BTW, that's not a threat, yet, so don't be too anxious something might show up on your porch!

Cute grandkids and I think you do very well at hand applique too!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love hand applique too Linda but I hate the prep process so much that I've all but quit appliquing at all. I have one in the process and when it's finished I won't be starting another one. There are other things that I like much better so I'll be concentrating on those. blessings, marlene

Carla said...

Linda, You've read my mind on hand applique. I wonder if we could find someone willing to get our projects all drawn out and basted on and then hand them over! Your yellow rose blocks are so pretty have 9 more to go, girl! ( How about a wall hanging?)
What delightful grandsons you, so handsome!
Stay warm under that quilt!! I need to go count my ufos,,,,,,,,,,,,, =)

Julia said...

Good for you Linda...The one your keeping is lovely.
I too hate the prep part of applique.
What a gorgeous little fella he glad he's well now.
Yes Yasi passed and left a lot of damage, but no loss of life..
Julia ♥

Teresa said...

You are so smart to share your UFO treasures with some other quilter. I have done that in the past and not only is the other person happy to get them, but it is truely a blessing to be lightened of that one project. I love the one you are working on! Thanks for sharing the cute family pictures.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, I am so glad you kept those yellow tulips to finish it. I really like that pattern.
Your grandkids are so cute and sounds like you have a chatterbox on your hands. Before you know it he will be asking "why" all the time. lol

Ivory Spring said...

Linda, you have the most beautiful grandkids! And those UFO blocks are beautiful. I just saw the one you sent to Carrie on her blog. :)


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