Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some of Our Things are not Like the Others

Take a look at the flora I enjoyed during a walk between the apartment and Celina's school.


A jade plant we cherish as an indoor houseplant grows abundantly outdoors here.
And bird-of-paradise are everywhere! I thought this one looked like it was crying.
Americans and Australians may both speak English, but it's entertaining to note the differences in our lingo. While at the Burwood Mall in Westfield, (New South Wales, Australia), I scoped out a few similarities and differences.

Spoken in every language...
A trash bin,
a diaper disposal container in the parent's room,
and this message that's our take on "Don't drink and drive." Downtown Sydney viewed from the mall parking lot.


  1. Linda the stitcheries are great. Sounds like you are having a ball in Sydney

  2. Beautiful plants. I would have never thought a nappy was a diaper.



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