Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quilt Labels

Using my Macbook's software program, I made labels for two quilts. My favorite method for making labels is using my inkjet printer to print onto Printed Treasures, a paper-backed fabric. You just need to anticipate making enough labels to fill the 8-1/2" X 11" sheet. In my opinion, Printed Treasures is pricey at $18 for only five sheets, but it does the best quality job. You just don't want to waste any of it.

This is the label for the baby's quilt. It's the quilt that looks like this.
(Some information has been intentionally blurred and removed.)
Yes, I write corny poems. I call them my little ditties. No, they aren't very clever, but it makes me happy to write them.

Since bub's getting a quilt, big sister must have one too. I blogged about this one before, showing how I free-motion quilted it, and how to sew on scalloped binding.
And here's the second label with another little ditty.
These quilts are now ready to put into a box that will be checked luggage when I head to Australia. I expect that opening the box on the other end will be just like Christmas morning.


  1. Very precious, Linda...have a fabulous trip!

  2. Linda, I love the writings, poems on the quilt label; I would love to be able to put my feelings into such lovely words.

  3. Ooh, and there will be lots of happy tears (like I have now), Your little poems are simply beautiful, and Tay and Celina are sure to treasure their special quilts.

  4. Great labels. They are so special as are the quilts and the precious children they are made for.

  5. I think your ditties are very cute! They look so very professional too!



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