Thursday, May 14, 2009

We've been home for three weeks now, I've fully adjusted to Central Daylight Time, but I'm greatly missing Australia! Memories and images are all that remain of the whole five week experience. 
Here are pictures of a wonderful part of Victoria, Australia, the south coastline. The Great Ocean Road follows craggy cliffs and is nothing but beautiful vista after beautiful vista of gorgeous (impossible!) sandstone rock formations. The formations above are known as "The Twelve Apostles," though the crashing surf has reduced that number to eight.

 This one is "The Arch."

And how would you have felt to have been one of the two tourists who was stranded at the end of this formation - "The London Arch" (formerly known as "The London Bridge") - when it collapsed in 1990!? They had to be rescued by helicopter. In person, you can still see the walkway by which visitors reached the point.

Much like the US, numerous pull-off, parking areas invite tourists to stop and take in the scenery. When returning to the Great Ocean Road, drivers always saw this sign. 
Being the driver during our travels, I fully appreciated the reminder, and the gravity of the importance of following this traffic law...but it's not an easy thing for an American to do.


  1. Such beautiful photos, Linda! I've never been to this area - and reading this, I really want to go there one day. Thasnk you for sharing your wonderful road trip, Di xx

  2. gorgeous quilts! and thank you for sharing your photos of Oz...makes an Aussie girl homesick!
    Thanks for sharing!



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