Friday, May 8, 2009

Bloomin' Spring

This past week, spring definitely sprung. Trees, shrubs and flowers are impressing us with some beautiful colors, as well as lovely fragrances. The Snow Crab tree in front of our house has been magnificent, and when the wind picked up for a couple days, we had a veritable "blossom blizzard!"

In his teen years our son dubbed the Snow Crab, our "popcorn tree" and the name stuck. I guess you can see why.

In the backyard we've enjoyed this Prairie Fire Crab tree.

And my all-time spring favorite is lilacs. We have several bushes in our yard. But, I can't get enough of smelling them! When walking the dog, any lilacs near sidewalks are targets for my sniffer. Heavenly!

And speaking of the dog, Hogan looks fairly relaxed here, laying in our living room picture window. And I thought the saying was about the "dog days of summer."
Looks like spring is good for lazing about too.

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